In your opinion is yoko ono the reason the beatles broke-up?

I my opinion, no. In The Beatles opinion, no as well. They've all went on record that , although Yoko brought tension to the group at a bad time, the Beatles were fated to brake up. Keep in mind that Paul actually quit the Beatles first and sued the rest to brake their current contract. John was actually upset about this, but all agreed it was time to move on.

They ALL had their individual reasons for wanting to break up. Once Brian Epstein died, that was the beginning of the end. The "White Album" was the first clue. For the most part, it was a collection of solo efforts or one Beatle with the others serving as sidemen. Each member had his own grievances against someone else in the group and tensions mounted. Watch "Let It Be" and see the group falling apart on film. Paul and George argued on camera, John and Paul discussed George's refusal to do a live show, George and Ringo discussing the other's lack of interest in recording "their" songs. Yoko gets the blame merely because John had grown tired of being a Beatle and she happened to be in the picture at the time.

It's interesting to note that during the first half of "Let It Be," John has a laissez faire attitude about the whole project. But when George brought Billy Preston in, John suddenly became the "leader" again. "We need to get all these instruments tuned," etc.