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999999999 ruppeees

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Q: Income of dragon breeder
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Should you get your Chinese water dragon from a pet store or a breeder?

you should get it from the pet store.

What is the average income of a thoroughbred breeder?

Depends on what you're breeding them for, bloodlines of the horses and popularity of your horses and farm.

How much does a Horse Breeder make in a year?

The amount of money made (or in most cases lost) by a horse breeder varies widely on the skill, breed, bloodlines that the breeder works with. To give an average would be very deceptive as a lot of breeders do this as a hobby or second career as making a consistent income from breeding is very difficult.

How big of habitat do you have to have for a bearded dragon to live happily in your home?

An adult bearded dragon should live in at least a 30gallon breeder tank because there needs to be a hot end and a cool end, and the deep ones works best. I have my bearded dragon in a 55gallon tank and it's narrow but still works.

Doaes anyone know a bearded dragon breeder of Pogona barbata pogona mitchelli pogona minor pogona nullarbor or pogona microlepidota outside of Australia?


What do you call a rabbit breeder?

You call a Rabbit Breeder a RAbbit breeder.

How do you get a rarity boost in Dragon City?

One can obtain a rarity boost in Dragon City by completing collections in their Dragon Book. Another way one can obtain a rarity boost is to generate an income by selling hatch lings of dragons.

What is live breeder?

live breeder are born alive

Where Is The Breeder's Store On Howrse?

Breeder ---> The Shop.

What is the difference between a mammay and a breeder?

a mammy is a person that take care of the kids the breeder have and a breeder have kids at a young age

How much does it cost for a bearded dragon's cage?

A standard new 40 breeder, which is longer than it is tall, is approximately 85.00. A MVB, or a florescent UVB and fixture is also needed as well as a heat fixture.

How do i get my dog bred?

A dog breeder or call a dog breeder

When was Nina Breeder born?

Nina Breeder was born in 1979.

When was Massimilian Breeder born?

Massimilian Breeder was born in 1978.

What is an example sentence of the word breeder?

he bought his dog from a breeder or... "The farmer is a well known breeder of cows, chickens, and pigs."

Does a breeder nuclear reactor use moderator?

Thermal Breeder Reactors use moderators but Fast Breeder Reactors don't use moderator.

What kind of noun is breeder?

The noun breeder is a singular, common noun.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Breeder - 2013?

The cast of The Breeder - 2013 includes: Glenn Mercieca Brandon Terribile as Host Patrick Vella as The Breeder

Can a adult bearded dragon fit in a 20 gallon tank?

No! One adult beardie needs a 40 gallon breeder at the very least. 20 gallon is ok for a baby and upwards to about 8-9 months only.

To get a pass from a pass horse do you have to be the breeder or can you just buy one?

You can be the breeder or buy it.

Are there any jobs that work with snails?

There is breeder. I am a snail breeder.

When was Thoroughbred Breeder - series - created?

Thoroughbred Breeder - series - was created in 1993.

When was Experimental Breeder Reactor I created?

Experimental Breeder Reactor I was created in 1950.

Where can I find a hedgehog breeder in Ohio?

Gail Dick at Millermeade Farms is a great breeder.

Where can you find a guinea pig breeder?

I'm a guinea pig breeder... I live in Ga