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Info on a shotgun patented Aug 11 1896 the only name on gun is GET THERE an only number on it is 3353 on barrel?


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Interesting shotgun. The patent date is the giveaway. The shotgun was actually made by the Crescent Firearms Company which was the largest shotgun manufacturer in the US at the time. It was absorbed by HD Folsom, a huge firearm importer/distributor, and continued making shotguns for that firm under many different brand names until Folsom was absorbed by Stevens c.1930. I do not know what hardware store or mail-order store used the GET THERE brand name. Vorisek's "Shotgun Markings" attributes that patent date to WH Davenport. His entry for GET THERE indicates "unknown manufacturer" so I guess this date was not marked on the example he examined. Unfortunately, Joe passed away on Christmas Day, 2005, and I do not know what will happen to his documentation.


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Your best bet is to ask Daisy directly and see if you can get a parts drawing for the model 1894 ( they did not make a 1896 model) or search the web for "air gun repair" or see the link below.

It all depends on the condition of the gun. What is original and what has been repaired. Perfect condition $300.00 is what I would pay.

Janssen was a Belgian gunmaker. According to my notes, the company used this name c. 1892 - 1896. Answer I have a Janssen Sons shotgun that used to belong to my grandfather. It has carving on the side of the breech and the bottom. It also has carvings on the walnut stock. I was given this same gun from my father. It has very detailed carvings in the stock and etchings on the barrel. I have been unable to find out anything about the maker or a present day price. I have looked in many of the shotgun books. My father paid 50 cents for this gun during the depression.

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