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the inner part of earths core


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They are both part of the core the outer core is just closer to the crust than the inner core, the inner core is actually the center of the Earth

The inner layer of the earth's core, it has lava; and keeps in heat and pressure. :)

One definition of the word inner core is " a solid sphere in the middle of the fluid core such as the iron-nickel core of the Earth."

The earth's mantle is the coating around the inner core.

Earth can be divided into the crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core, and inner core.

The outer core is liquid, the inner core is solid The outer core surrounds the inner core The outer core is iron-rich, the inner core is iron-rich and nickel-rich There is more pressure acting on the inner core The inner core is hotter

inner core is solid outer core is liquid

The inner core is the last layer of the Earth!

Core hardening refers to the innermost portion of metal. When the outer layer remains soft, but the inner portion is hardened, this is core hardening.

of a planet; it has three layers, the crust,( the top) the mantle (the thickest part) and the core (the center) the outer core is just the outermost parts of the core, as opposed to the inner core

the inner core is a deeper core than the outer core and arigibal core

A: the outer core is liquid and the inner core is solid.

a inner core is a dense ball of solid metal a outer core is a layer of molten metal surrounding the inner core

inner core of what? the earth's inner core is in solid form if that's what you mean.

The outer boundary of the "inner core" is the inner boundary of the "outer core".0

The inner core is a dense ball of solid metal the outer core is a layer of molten matel that surronds the inner core.

the inner core is NOT made from rock.?!

Yes, the inner core is solid.

The thickness of the inner core is 500km

The inner core is solid.

the inner core is a solid

no,it is above the inner core

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