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Q: Instrument used for measurement of high temperatures?
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Is thermometer a term of measurement?

Thermometers are an instrument used to measure temperatures.

What is a instrument used to measure extremely high temperatures?

A thermometer

What is the instrument used to record in Celsius?

Thermometer, or, for very high temperatures, a pyrometer.

Which instrument is generally used for length measurement?

The instrument "Metalic tap" is generally used for length measurement in India

Instrument used for measurement the length of trees?


No measurement can be more reliable or accurate than the instrument used to make the measurement?


Which instrument is used to mearsure the heat?

which instruments used for the measurement of heat

What instrument is used to measure a very high temperature object such as the Sun?

optical pyrometerA special type of technique is used to measure very high temperatures such as the Sun. A Bolometer is the instrument used to measure the Suns temperature. The Bolometer measures in colors, and the Sun emits temperatures in colors. This technique is based on a law called Wien's Law.

Which instrument is used for precise measurement of refractive index?


When are air velocity measuring instrument used?

When are air velocity measurement used

What is an instrment commonly used for measurement of velocity of stream?

A stream gauge is the instrument which is commonly used for the measurement of velocity stream.

What is the smallest unit to which a measurement is recorded?

The answer depends on the instrument used for measuring.

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