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Q: Interaction of in living and nonliving mangrove swamp?
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Related questions

What is mangrove ecosystem?

A Mangrove are trees that grow on swamp like or any water environments. For short a mangrove ecosystem is the interaction between biotic and abiotic factors in a "mangrove forest"

What nonliving part of the mangrove swamp limits the kinds of plants that can live there?

! It Is Salt!

What are nonliving thing and living things of a swamp part of a ecosystem?

all the animals in a swamp

What non living part of a mangrove swamp limits life?


What is the lowest temperature in a mangrove swamp?

what is the lowest temperature in a mangrove swamp

What is the habitat for mangrove swamp?

A mangrove swamp is itself a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.

What non living part of the mangrove swamp limits the kinds of plants that can live there?


What are the nonliving parts in a swamp?

The non living parts in a swamp would consist of water, mud, climate and rainfall. These all affect living organisms.

How does the mangrove swamp provide water?

mangrove swamps already have water!

What are the wild lives in the mangrove swamp areas?

Crabs, lobsters, herons and many other stuff. Why not you go to a mangrove swamp and check it yourself????

Where do mussel live in?

Mangrove swamp

What is a swamp in tobago?

Kilgwyn Swamp

Useing the word mangrove in a sentence?

The mangrove trees seemed to float atop the swamp water.

What are the three species of mangroves?

Mangal,Magrove swamp and Mangrove family are three species of mangrove.

What is an ecosystem having brackishwater?

A Mangrove swamp

How do you protect mangrove swamps?

how do we protect our swamp

What is habitat of mangrove trees?

The habitat of mangrove trees are mangrove swamps. Mangrove trees have breathing roots that come out of the swamp so that the roots can take in air. :)

A mangrove swamp is more likely to exist along the shores of which location?

A mangrove swamp is more likely to exist along the shores of which location in tropical and subtropical tidal areas.

What is the amount of precipitation of mangrove swamp?


What type of vegetative dominates mangrove swamp?


What the adaptations are of a mangrove that lives in a swamp?

Mangrove trees get more oxygen by taking in air through pores in its bark.

What is the elevation of a mangrove swamp?

The elevation of a mangrove swamp is that it is as high as 77 cheeseburgers. In order to calculate the height, you must stack them on top of each other and then measure them with spagetti necklaces. I hope this helps

What is the climate of a white tiger?

in a dense jungle or mangrove swamp

An ecosystem having brackish water would be?

A Mangrove swamp

What kind of soil can be found in the mangrove swamp?

Brackish mud