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people said that he lived, & some people said he didn't.

Married queen gwenivere.

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Q: Interesting facts about King Arthur
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Facts about King Arthur?

King arthur was a king and a grumpy one

What is facts about King Arthur?


What are facts on King Arthur?

he is ugly sorry

What are facts about Merlin?

he is a wizard from the time of King Arthur. Merlin helped raise King Arthur

Interesting fact about King George III?

he has no facts

How is the poem lady of shallot related to king Arthur?

The poem is about king Arthur. Here are some king Arthur facts: He is the one and only, he was honourable, kind, caring and loyal.

What are interesting facts about king cheetahs?

They have enlarged hearts and lungs

10 facts about king Arthur?

King Arthurs mother was Igraine,or Ygrane.Same person

What are facts about guinevere?

She fell in love with Sir Lancelot but was the wife of King Arthur.

What is the main problem in The Story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table?

I found 10 facts about Arthur what no one knew. Help. Is the writer Mordred? Arthur? Who?

Did King Arthur have any sons?

Mordred ** Also attributed to Arthur, depending on your source: Gwydre, Amr, Llacheu, and Borre A really interesting book about this subject just came out: "King Arthur's Children" by Tyler Tichelaar. Highly recommended.

Where was king Arthur king of?

King Arthur was king of Camelot, Britain.

Can you List 5 interesting facts about panthers?

what are some interesting facts about panther

King of the Britain's in King Arthur's time?

King Arthur was king of Britain

Why is Michael Jackson interesting?

He is the king of pop, he's been singing since he was 5, interesting facts about his dance-moves, one is called the Moonwalk.

What was king Arthur like as king?

king arthur was nice and overprotective

Who is the hero in the story of King Arthur?

king arthur

How was King Arthur related to the king?

King Arthur was King Uther Pendragon's son.

What was King Arthur's dad's name?

King Arthur is a legendary character and it is disputed that he ever existed. He was most certainly never King of England. The link below makes interesting reading ------------ Most historical evidence points toward Uther Pendragon to be his father.

What time did King Arthur live in?

King Arthur is a legendary king and did not exist.

What is King Arthur's royal surname?

King Arthur's surname is Pendragon. Arthur Pendragon.

Who ruled Camalot after King Arthur?

king Arthur's not real

King Arthur's nephew?

King Arthur's nephew is Mordred

What are some facts about Merlin?

There aren't any definite facts because there are multiple stories. Most have that Merlin was a wizard who put a spell on King Uther so that he would look like Igraine's husband, which is how Arthur was born. After Arthur was born Merlin took him away to protect him, so Arthur was secretly raised by Sir Ector. To make sure that one day Arthur would be King, Merlin put the sword in the stone. After Arthur became King Merlin acted as his adviser.

What year did King Arthur become king?

king arthur became king in 1300 bc