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King Arthur is a legendary king and did not exist.

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King Arthur is a legendary king and did not exist.

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Q: What time did king arthur lived in?
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What is the famous city where King Arthur lived?

name the famous city where king Arthur lived happy land

What year was King Arthur England born?

Arthur is a LEGEND. He was not born, he is a story that grew. If there was a real Arthur, he lived some time between 400 and 800AD.

What was the island King Arthur lived on?


When did King Arthur live?

All accounts place most of Arthur's life and Arthur's death in the island of Great Britain. Of course the chronicles disagree on exactly where the battle between Arthur and Modret occurred, that battle after which Arthur soon vanished. The Prose Percevalhowever places that battle in Ireland, apparently from a mention in Wace that Modret was retreating towards Ireland.

Name the famous city where king arthur lived?

King Arthur is a famous British leader of legend. He lived in the court of Camelot. His wife was Guinevere.

How did King Arthur fight off the Vikings?

He couldn't have since King Arthur is believed to have lived some time during the 6th century and the Vikings did not start raiding until the 8th.

In what century did King Arthur live?

king Arthur was believed to have lived in the 15 century

When was King Arthur supposed to have lived?

ad 500

King of the Britain's in King Arthur's time?

King Arthur was king of Britain

Did King Arthur have a stronghold where he lived?

Yes he did. He had a stronghold in his house

What was the religion of King Arthur?

King Arthur is character of folklore. If he had lived, as supposed ruler of Britain he would have been Christian.

Is the time period of Camelot the same time period as King Arthurs?

Camelot was where King Arthur lived. In present day, some believe it is Tintangel, a coastal castle in western England.