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this is possible, First go on a game with Wifi on it, Second go into WiFi connection settings ( or something like that )
Next click access point OR manual ( IF access point go down to AP4 if manual go to M4)

AP4: search for a access point and click on your router/modem name
AP5:find out what your WEP ADRESS IS ( NOT IP )
AP6: let it test connect IF it works you have internet

M4: click on SSID
M5: type in the name of your router/modem
M6: click OK
M7: click on WEP ADDRESS
M8: Find out your WEP and put it in and click OK test connection and should work IF ALL IS OK!

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What features does a ds lite have?

internet , games , connection for other games , same as the Nintendo Ds

How much is Nintendo DS WiFi?

All Nintendo DS consoles have built in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You only have to pay for what your internet company charges you.

Is Pokemon white or black compatible with Nintendo 3ds internet?

You can use Online in all Nintendo ds titles on the 3DS. you will need to change setting for the DS internet in options on the 3DS menu, because 3DS internet connection settings is different to DS Connection settings.

Is the wifi connection of a Nintendo DS different to Nintendo DSi?

Indeed-- If you have WiFi with a DSi you can go on the internet.

Can you download Nintendogs on your PC?

I don't think you can off of a Nintendo DS. You might be able to on a Nintendo Wii if you have internet connection on it.

Who do you download DS games on your DS?

On the newest DS systems, you can access the Nintendo eShop, which allows you to buy and download games if you have an internet connection.

Can you trade Pokemon from online to ds?

Yes, if you are able to connect your Nintendo DS to the Nintendo WiFi connection. If you can't, then maybe you can receive a wireless router from your internet provider.

Do Nintendo ds have internet?

no not on DS lite or original DS but the Nintendo DSi does

How can you get Google on your Nintendo ds lite?

get the Nintendo ds internet browser

How can I upload coins from my Nintendo DS to my Club Penguin account without an internet connection?

Well, if you have a Club Penguin account, you need a internet connection. And to upload, you need to setup a wireless connection. There is no way to do this without an internet connection. in other words no you cant but if you find a wireless hotspot bring your ds and log in.

Is there internet on the Nintendo DS?

Use Nintendo DS Browser. An Opera Internet Service. Or use wi-fi

Is there a USB internet adapter for Nintendo DS?

There is a wi-fi USB internet adapter available for the Nintendo DS.

Can you get a wireless connection with a Nintendo ds to a Nintendo sp?

No. sp doesnt have a high enough software level to receive wireless connection with ds.

Can you put the Internet on a Nintendo DS?

Well, you can't really put internet on your Nintendo ds. Nice try anyway.

Can you get a Nintendo DSi without an internet connection?

The Nintendo DSi always has an internet connection, but parental controls can be set to restrict internet use.

How do you get wi-fi on your Nintendo DS?

for ds and ds lite get a game with wifi connection and select the wifi setup, then search for an access point on one of the three slots. You have to have wireless internet to do this, or the Nintendo wifi adapter, which is kinda crappy.

Can two Nintendo DS systems play together?

Yes, some games are capable of playing between 2 different Nintendo DS game systems. You will have to have access to the internet to set the connection up between the 2 DS' s.

How much are Nintendo ds wi fi?

To get Nintendo DS wifi you need to either have a wireless internet connection,have the Nintendo DS WiFi USB thingy attached to a PC with internet acesss, or be at a Wifi hotspot. So really, it all depends on how much the place sponsoring the hotspot requires, or how much your internet costs. So in a way, its free, but not totally. I hope i wasn't too confusing @_@ !

Nintendo DS browser?

a Nintendo ds browser is a internet browser witch you can go on the internet with but using a Nintendo ds. but you need:a wifi conector or a wireless internet witch is compadible with a Nintendo dsThey don't make it anymore but soon a new version will come out for the DSi

Do you have to pay internet on Nintendo 3ds?

You have to have a WiFi connection for your Nintendo 3DS to use. If you don't already pay for an internet connection at home, then yes you do need to pay for an internet connection, but you don't have to pay for a separate one for your Nintendo 3DS.

Is wi-fi needed to play multiplayer on the Nintendo ds lite?

It depends on what type of multiplayer, there is multiplayer that connects to other DSs nearby, and there is the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection which connects over the Internet. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection needs access to the internet, local multiplayer doesn't.

Is tweaking illegal on a ds game?

yeah your ds has a connection with Nintendo an they can take your DS away

How much is a ds web browser?

it is a free download but you need a wireless internet connection and you have to download it at the Nintendo dsi shop for free

How much is a Nintendo wi - fi connection?

Nintendo wifi is a free service to all wii and ds users all though it depends on what kind of internet you have if you don't have internet that can support Nintendo wifi you will need to purchase a wifi adapter.

What is Nintendo DS lite browser?

its an Internet browser for the Nintendo DS Lite (you can also get aversion for NintendoDS) it is integrated in the Nintendo DSi