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Designer's work atleast 8 hours per day . Depends upon their contribution and interest towards their work ..

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How long do fashion designers work?

they work for 8 hours

What do fashion designers salary per month?

it depends on how long you work, what level you are at, and who you work for

How long do costume designers work a day?

3-4 hours a day

How long do graphic designers work for?

As long as they want to. I have been working as a graphic designer for 40 years.

Do interior designers work as individuals or collaborate with others?

designers work as individuals \

Where do video game designers work?

Most video game designers work in studios full of computers or sound studios, but designers like me work at home.

What are the days that fashion designers work?

Fashion designers work everyday and sometimes on holidays and birthdays. ----

How long is the work week for video game designers?

five to seven days, depending on the job.

Does a web designer have to stay at home and work?

A web designer can work at home since he or she has access to the internet. However, the designer does not have to stay home to accomplish their work. Some designers work in offices away from home.

What does the software XAMPP do?

The software XAMPP is a free and open source. The designers intended it for use only as a development tool, to allow website designers and programmers to test their work on their own computers without any access to the internet.

Why did the Internet designers choose packet switching over instead of circuit switching?

are the standard for the Internet,

Do fashion designers work with machines more than people?

do fashion designers work more with machines than people

Can kitchen designers work from home Like with or other companies?

Yes, it is practical for kitchen designers to work from home

What is the work environment like in fashion designing?

Work environment for fashion designers all depends on what kind of designer you are. Freelance designers usually tend to work in small, cramped work spaces, but if you are a big name designers you would have a large work space with many others around helping. Designers work usual 9-10 hour days and are usually very stressed by deadlines and buyers. Designers also travel very frequently.

What hours do interior designers work?

Commercial office interior designers work 8-4 or 9-5 m-f Residential designers tend to work tuesday-saturday and likely a few split shifts. ;-)

Which clothes do fashion designers wear at work?

fashion designers wear fashionable clothes

Why don't fashion designers need CAD as much as interior designers do?

Fashion designers typically design clothing, and interior designers work on buildings. CAD is more conducive to building design. whereas fashion designers often use live models to design and display their work.

Where is graphic design popular?

the Internet- many companies hire graphic designers for their websites Magazines are compiled/ laid out by graphic designers

Where do landscape designers work?

On lanscapes

Do you have to have long legs to be a model?

you don't but most designers like models with long legs, especially if you are young with long legs, designers will love it.

What does a designer do on a daily basis?

This question really depends on the type of designing. There are fashion designers, marketing designers, machine designers, and so on. The list is long. I would however define what you are looking at doing then looking at companies that do that kind of work. Most schools that teach the kind of designing that you want to do also have teachers that are experienced in that field of work and can give you examples of a daily work schedule.

How long do fashion designers have to train?

as long as it takes them

Do all web designers work at home?

No, Some work for major companies that in house web production, others work for web design firms. The majority of designers though, do work for themselves.

What do fashion designers wear at work?


Car Designers work hours?


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