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Interview Question: Can You Please Tell us about yourself?

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started with the strengths you are most confidant.It should be related to the job you are appling for.Maintain the eye contact while speaking and be clear about what you say.Explain may be 2 to 3 strengths.

Exp.-I have ability to cope with the failures and try to learn from my mistakes.


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Interview question and answer of waitress?

can you briefly tell me about yourself

What questions are asked in a learnership interview?

Please briefly tell us about yourself

Question to ask on a job interview?

please tell us about your main achievements in your current role.

What interview question would best allow you to demonstrate your qualifications for this position?

'Tell me about yourself' is the best question to demonstrate about our qualifications.

What is the best interview ans for tell me about yourself?

The best interview answer when somebody asks you to tell them about yourself is to express your interests and what qualities you have.

How do you answer tell me about yourself in a publishing company interview?

Honestly, - Just tell them about yourself!

How do you answer 'Please tell us about yourself' in a job interview for a fresher of a mechanical engineering fresher?

When answering the question, 'please tell me about yourself', the employer is looking for a brief explanation of your work goals and achievements. Outline why you feel you would be a good candidate for the position, how your skills will be useful, and what achievements you reached at previous positions.

Why did gulliver forgive the farmer's son?

i dont about this question . please tell yourself

How do you answer 'Tell something about yourself' in a job interview?

Tell something about yourself.

Tell me about your self interview question?

Tell me about your self

How do I answer the interview question where do you see yourself in 5 years if I am not ambitious and plan to get married and have a family in a year or two.?

tell the truth

Interview questions for Lab Technician?

tell me about yourself?

What are the possible questions for a job interview?

tell me about yourself>.......

Often an employer will open an interview with Tell me about yourself What question is the employer really asking?

Can this individual be personable without being unprofessional?

In a accounting interview-tell me about yourself?

tell me about your self for accounts opening

Most common interview questions?

So.... tell me about yourself

Frequent interview questions for a HR professional?

tell me about yourself ?

What are common scholarship interview questions?

tell us about yourself

How do you answer in the interview tell me about yourself?

Tell Him a bit about you personally, name, tell him why your there.Then tell him your professions, what you excel at, etc.

What should be the first question to ask in an interview?

While there is no one correct first question, generally, the interviewer will ask the candidate to broadly speak about him/herself. First interview questions may include "Tell me a little about yourself", "Walk me through your resume", or "Explain what led you to this job interview".

What you feel if when tell you that your interview was terrible?

What you feel if when tell you your grammar is terrible? In other words, we can't understand your question. Please learn English instead of whatever that is, and try again.

How do I respond to Tell me about yourself in an interview?

By telling your strengths and weaknesses.Something about yourself that is related to the job you are applying.

How do you answer a tell me about yourself interview question?

No stress - the key to success. Just give some basic facts dont go into speeches look sharp.

What is the difference between describe yourself and tell about yourself in a job interview?

There is not a difference between describing yourself and telling about yourself in a job interview. This is a time when you want to try and sell yourself so the employer will want to hire you.

What questions are usually asked on your very first interview?

Tell me about yourself?