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Canada has been divided into 13 separate areas. Canada is typically divided into 10 distinct provinces and 3 northern territories.

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How many areas has Canada been divided?

13? Canada has been separated into 10 provinces and 3 northern territories. So 13 all together.

How many countries is Canada divided into?

Canada is not divided into countries. Canada is a country that is divided into ten provinces and three territories.

How many areas have astronomers divided the sky into?

Astronomers have divided the sky into 88 areas.

How many parts is the federal government of Canada divided into?

It is divided into 3 parts.

Jamaica how many areas is Jamaica divided in to?

Jamaica is divided into 3 counties and 14 Parishes.

How is Canada is divided?

There is the Continental divide, we are also divided culturally, politically, and many other ways.

How many major areas is the ocean on the earth divided into?


In Canada how many areas are bordered by water?


Why was canada divided into two colonies?

After the war, many loyalists moved to Canada. But most did not want to live in a French culture.To avoid problems , Great Britain divided the land into two colonies, upper canada and lower canada.

How many areas is Kraft Foods Research and Development divided into?


How many broad areas is geology divided into?

Two, physical & historical

What is the climte in Canada?

Canada is such a large country that it has many different climates. I would look into the different areas of canada to determine which region in Canada you are interested in.

How many years has Canada been a nation?

Canada has been a nation since 1867.

What is AITA and how many areas is the world divided into and name the continents?

IATA is International Air Transport Association areas

How many wars was Canada in?

Canada has been in 5 wars.

How many areas of Canada are bordered by water?

All of our islands. If you mean international borders then most of Canada.

How many years had Canada been a country in 1886?

Canada was actually founded in 1867. Canada has been a country for 145 years.

Why are there a lot of forests?

What I have learned, Canada has many forest areas growing in some places. It is very cold in Canada but there is still some growing. There is some forests in the United States too. Same as Canada, there are some in different areas. There are also some areas in Florida that have forests.

How many states does Cambodia have?

Cambodian areas are divided into 23 provinces. The provinces are divided into 26 municipalities and 159 districts.

Is Canada a divided country?

Canada is divided in many ways. For starters Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with many cultures and histories. Our histories are so different that some historical figures are hero's in some cultures and villains in others. Our representation in our Federal government varies by region and province creating further divides. Some ares of Canada contribute much more to Confederation than others, creating further divides. We are divided on our vision of the future, where Canada should be headed, and thanks to Canada holding on to ancient race based treaties we are also divide by race. Yes, Canada is very much a divided country but we are making it work, for now.

How many hollister stores are in Canada?

Ummm... it depends how many you have been in. So how many have you been in?

What does electoral constituency mean?

The country is divided into many areas for purposes of elections.These areas elect a representative and subsequently called as electoral constituencies.

How many men have been the prime minister of Canada?

21 men and one woman have been Prime Minister of Canada.

Why does the US have almost 10 times as many people as Canada?

The United States has more land in better climate areas than Canada.

In Canada how many areas are bordered by land?

Only Canada's southern border is land, that is the USA.