Inventor of the videophone

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Gregorio Zara invented the videophone in 1955

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Q: Inventor of the videophone
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What was invented by Gregorio Y. Zara?

He was the inventor of the first two-way videophone

What are the uses of videophone?

the uses of videophone is it can give informations

What is the root word for videophone?

The root word of videophone is 'phone'.

What is a good sentence for videophone?

my friend has a videophone that cost a good quality!! poo BUM...

Give the contribution of gregorio zara?

Gregorio Y. Zara is the patented inventor of at least 30 devices, mostly in the field of aviation. His most famous one was the first two-way videophone.

Who is the Filipino invented the videophone?

Gregorio Zara

Who invented videophone?

it's gregorio zara

What is a sentence with the root vid?

I got my videophone from New York.

What is the name of the Filipino scientist and his invention?

Gregorio Zara is one of the Filipino scientists. He invented the videophone.

What words have the latin root video in them?

Television, Videophone, Montevideo (a place somewhere), video, evidence, advise, invisible.

When did the inventor born and when did the inventor died?

who is the inventor

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