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what involves both hear and sight

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Q: Involving both hearing and sight
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What word is involving both hearing and sight?


What disease affects both hearing and sight?

Usher Syndrome is a disease that affects both hearing and sight. It affects children and babies and is passed down genetically.

What is testing involving both ears?

Testing involving both ears is known as binaural testing. It is used to assess an individual's hearing ability using both ears simultaneously. Binaural testing can help determine the level of hearing loss and the effectiveness of hearing aids or other interventions.

What is the name of involving both hearing and sight?

if your talking about the disease, its schizophrenia. where your hear things inside your head, maybe you think its your inner demon speaking. and you see things that arent actually there. this can be scary and stressful.

What Word Involving both hearing and seeing?

The word "perception" involves both hearing and seeing, as it refers to the way we interpret and understand sensory information received through our various senses, including both vision and hearing.

What develops first in a baby hearing or sight?

Hearing. Sight is actually the last sense to develop.

What is more sensitive sight or hearing?

hearing by far

What is the difference between hearing and sight?

Hearing is audio, using your ears. Sight is visual, using your eyes.

Where does most of youre concentration come from sight or hearing?

From sight .

What are the four senses you use to obtain information about a client?

Sight, hearing, touch and smell

How do you get an old cat's attention?

If they lose hearing, they rely on sight. If they lose sight, they rely on hearing. If they lose both, you need to be their eyes and ears. Old cats still love catnip and special treats--unless they lose their sense of smell, too.

What is the definition of limitation of sight and hearing?

what is definition of limitation of sight and hering