Ionic solid conduct electricity

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Ionic solid conduct electricity
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Does calcium bromide conduct electricity?

Calcium bromide is an ionic solid, in the solid state it does not conduct electricity. Solutions do conduct, as does the melt.

Why does potassium chloride conduct electricity?

Potassium chloride is an ionic solid, the ionic solids can conduct the electricity if they are in molten state or in aqueous solution.

How do ionic compounds conduct?

Do_ionic_compounds_conduct_electricitycompounds conduct electricity when they are either dissolved in water of they are molten. If they remain a solid then they will not conduct electricity

Why can't an ionic compound conduct electricity?

An ionic compound cannot conduct electricity only in solid state. It is so because conduction in an ionic compound is due to movement of ions. In the solid state the ions are unable to move, so they can't conduct electricity but in molten state they are free and hence conduct electricity in that state.

Will an ionic compound conduct electricity as a solid?

Ionic compounds are conductors in solution or melted.

Why ionic crystals don't conduct electricity in the solid state?

In the solid state ionic crystals are not dissociated in ions.

What type of compound ionic or covalent will conduct electricity and dissolve in water?

Ionic compounds generally dissolve in water dissociating to give ions that are free to move and conduct electricity. Molten ionic compounds also have free ions and conduct electricity. Ionic compounds generally do not conduct electricity in the solid form.

When do ionic compounds not conduct electricity?

When the compound is in a solid state of matter.

Why ionic compound do not conduct electricity?

Ionic compounds do not conduct electricity when solid because the ions are held in place by a lattice structure which means they are not free to move to conduct. However when molten or dissolved ionic compounds do conduct electricity because the ions are free to move.

Can water conduct electricity in solid state?

No. Water can only conduct electricity in its liquid state with dissolved ionic solutes.

A substance that does not conduct electricity as a solid but does conduct electricity when melted is most likely classified as?

An Ionic Compund

What substance has a melting point of 1074 K conducts electricity when dissolved in water but does not conduct electricity in the solid phase?

Ionic solid...I'm assuming that this is an online homework question, and the correct answer is "An ionic solid"