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Yes, it help you to know the nature by counting money, counting people, calculating distance calculating time

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Q: Is Mathematics important in understanding the Nature Explain?
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Why is there mathematics in nature?

mathematics, just like all of the sciences is the human way of making sense of the world around us. we, as a species, feel the need to categorize and explain everything. math exists in nature, because we invented math to explain the wonder that is nature.

Why was the study of nature important to the transcendentallsts?

Studying nature brought them to a clearer understanding of themselves.

What is the relationship bn physics and mathematics?

The simplest explanation is this: physics is the use of mathematics to help explain everything around us beginning with the laws of nature

Which leader of the Scientific Revolution in France believed mathematics could be used to explain everything in nature?

Galileo Galilei

What are contributions of ancient Greeks?

They were the first people known to try to explain nature with models based on reason and mathematics, without resort to the supernatural.

Importance of physics and technology to the national development?

Very important. National Development involves managing natural resources and nature. Physics is key to understanding nature and technology is important to manging it. Education and economics and cooperation are also important.

How is physics related to logic and mathematics?

Physics is a manifestation of the mathematics and logic of nature.

Why were Isaac Newton's contributions to science and mathematics important?

Isaac Newton had insights into the nature of motion, gravity, light, and mathematics, that proved to be fundamental to our scientific understanding of the universe that we live in. Newton gave us an accurate mathematical analysis of the basic phenomena of which our world consists. Many things that were vaguely understood before Newton made more sense with the help of Newton's work. Everything in science that came after Newton has been influenced by him.

Is gravity is example of physics?

Gravity is an example of a force of nature being studied by physics. Physics is a human endevour to help increase our understanding of the natural world. To describe nature we have theories; for example we have the Theory of Gravity to explain gravity.

Explain nature and scope of business economics?

Explain the nature & scope of business economics.

Explain the nature and scope of political science?

Explain the nature of political science

What concept of balanced form that exists in art architecture science nature and mathematics?

Shape and/or symmetry is the concept of balanced form that exists in art architecture science nature and mathematics.

What are the efforts made by scientists towards the understanding of the nature of the gene?

They have delineated the structure of the genome and in that way focused on understanding the nature of the gene.

Explain the polar nature of a water molecule?

explain the polar nature of water as a molecule

Explain why nature is important to the romantic writers?

Most people that write about love compare love and beauty to nature. They are talking about things they can't see, and explaining them with things they can see.

How did Egyptians explain events in nature?

The Egyptians used their religion to explain events in nature. They had multiple gods that represented different events in nature.

What role did Greek epics and mythology play in the culture?

The role of Greek epics and mythology was to explain the nature of the world and the basis for their culture. They help in understanding the religious and political institutions of Ancient Greece.

Explain the nature of matter in Chemistry?


What is the Nature of Tour?

explain the nature of tour?

Explain in brief the pluralistic nature of Indian Society?

explain in brief the pluralist nature of Indian society

What did Egyptians use to explain acts of nature?

Egyptians used stories to about their gods to explain acts of nature

How is critical thinking important to science?

Critical thinking is important to science because most of the times the answer is not a given. The outcome becomes unpredictable and thinking things through helps in the understanding of how and why such things occur in nature.

What is the difference between physics and mathematics?

Physics is the study of the laws of nature. Mathematics is the study of Numbers and shape. Mathematics is the language in which physics is written.

The concept of balanced form in art nature and mathematics?


Explain the importance of brevity while writing an essay?

Brevity is more important essay should be too long but according to the nature of the essay