is the word towel a concrete noun, abstract noun, or collective noun?

Updated: 7/10/2023
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Concrete noun

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abstract Noun

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  • Abstract noun
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Q: Is the word towel a concrete noun, abstract noun, or collective noun?
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is freedom concrete noun?

Freedom a concrete or abstract or collective

What type of noun is the word groups?

The noun group is a singular, common noun. The noun group can be used as a concrete or an abstract noun; the noun group can be used as a collective noun. Concrete, collective: a group of people, a group of furniture. Abstract, collective: a group of opinions, a group of principles.

What is abstract or collective noun for poems?

The collective noun is an anthology of poems.

Is cheer a concrete or a abstract noun?

Is cheer an abstract noun or a concrete noun??????

Is cows an abstract or collective noun?

Cows is a common, concrete noun (not an abstract noun or a collective noun). The collective noun for cows or cattle is a herd.An abstract noun is something that can't be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled. In other words not something physical. Abstract nouns related to cows could be their benefits, their health, their production, their safety, but not the cows themselves.

Is computer a concrete noun abstract noun or collective noun?

The noun 'computer' is a concrete noun, a word for an electronic device for storing and processing data; a word for a physical thing.

What is the collective noun for concrete?

Concrete is the collective noun for water, Portland Cement, aggregates and air.

What is the definition of classification of noun?

Classification of a noun is the ability to say what kind of noun it is: common, proper, concrete, collective, material, abstract, etc.

Is bathtub a concrete noun or abstract noun?

Concrete. (But few bathtubs are made out of concrete.)

What are the names of 8 parts of speech in noun?


Is vacation a concrete or abstract noun?


Is patience an abstract or concrete noun?

Patience is an abstract noun, not a concrete noun, because it is a feeling