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Is 112 pounds overweight for a 5 foot 8 female?

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No, sounds slim to me.

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135 pounds and 5 feet overweight?

Yes, 135 pounds is considered overweight for an individual who is 5'0. An acceptable weight is around 112 pounds on average.

I am 11 and i am 5'4 and i weigh 112 pounds am i overweight?

I'm 11 i weigh ii2 i am 5'2 is that overweight

If you are fourteen and 5 feet tall and 112 pounds are you overweight?

NO - certainly not.

What should a 13 year old female who is 5 foot supposed to weigh?

probably like a 100 to 112 pounds cuz im 13 and im a female and im 5 foot 3 in a half and i weigh exactly 110 pounds

I am 62 inches and weigh 112 pounds is that normal?

Uh no! Your a little overweight, sweetie!

How much does 1 cubic foot of magnesium weigh in pounds?

It weighs about 112 pounds

What are the torque specs for 98 Nissan Frontier flywheel?

4cylinder 105-112 foot pounds v-6 65 foot pounds

Is 160 pounds for a 17 year old girl who's 5'3 considered overweight?

Age is not a factor but a person 5'3 ideal weight it 112-136 lbs., so yes 160 pounds is overweight.

Are you overweight you are 12 and 121 pound?

Yes, But just alittle. a 12 year old should be about 99-112 pounds

What is the average weight for a 5' 1 11-year-old boy and if he weighs 111 pounds is he overweight?

A male that is 5 feet 1 inch tall has an average weight of 112 pounds. Weighing 111 pounds would mean this person is about average and not overweight.

What is 112 pounds in stone?

112 pounds = 8 stone.

What is 112 pounds in kilogrames?

112 pounds = 50.8 kilograms.

Weight and height of Avril lavigne?

Im not for sure but i think she is 112 pounds and is 5 foot 3

What is the ideal weight for a 25 year old vegan five foot two female?

112 lbs

What is 112 pounds in lbs?

112 pounds = 50.8 (50.8023) kg

How many pounds is in 112 grams?

112 grams = 0.24692 pounds

How many pounds 112 oz?

112 ounces is seven pounds.

How much is 112 oz in pounds?

112 ounces is seven pounds.

Is 112 pounds overweight?

Weight is related to height and body composition. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail.

What is 22 pounds subtract 112 ounces?


Are you overweight if you weigh 112 pounds and you are 12-years-years old and 4' 11?

Go check your BMI. Just put it in a Google search for "BMI" and from there you will get good websites that will calculate if you are overweight or not.

How many pounds are in 112 ounces?

112 ounces is equal to 7 pounds.

112 grams equal how many pounds?

112 grams = 0.246917 pounds

How many pounds can go into 112 ounces?

112 ounces is 7 pounds.

112 ounces equal how many pounds?

112 ounces is 7 pounds.