Is 11 a young age to date?

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Q: Is 11 a young age to date?
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Im 11 can joe date you?

NO! hunnie your young. iknow he says age is nothing but a number your just to young . SORRY !

Is it right to date a 15yr old boy at age 11?

I think you should date someone you'r age, although in my honest opinion 11 is WAY to young to start dating I didn't date until I was 18

Is 11 years old to young to date?

Most places consider it much too young to date. They do not have the maturity to make good decisions at such a young age. And any sexual contact would be illegal.

If a girl is 14 years old and you 14 years old can you ask her on a date or she to young for a date?

It all Depends on both of you parents know people who were allowed to date at the age of 11 to the age of 16!

Should teens date at the age of 14?

The age of 14 is to young to date. They are still young and should be playing with toys. I would not let my child start a relationship at such a young age. And, its illegal.

How young can sperm be fertile?

It can fertilize from when you are a young age. Sometimes from the age of 11 and up

How young will Cody Simpson date?

Legal age!

Can you date a the age of 11?

You can date at any age you feel like you have fallen in love with someone at.

Is 11 too young to date?

no i started dating when i was 10 maybe 11 I'm 12 now but still no 11 is not to young ^^That isn't wrong. But 11 is more of the "OMG I like him/her." It isn't a dating phase. I honestly think 13 is the right age. But it's up to you.

It is to young to have your first date at the age of 13?

Nope, a lot of people start going on dates between the ages of 11 and 14, but really it's only too young if you think it's too young.

Can you date at the age 9 or 10?

No. WAY too young.

How-to get dates for 11 years old?

WAY to young to get a date

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