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11 is not to old to start gymastics u could start it at about 5 if you realy wanted to

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13 is DEFINATLEY not too old to start gymnastics! If you really want to do gymnastics, go for it! You can still learn the skills and compete if you want to. I am 13 and started when I was 11. Yes, it is kind of harder when you are older, but don't let that or anything else discourage you! There are recreational programs for older/teenage beginning students at most gyms, you should try to get into one of those. Gymnastics is such a rewarding sport, you're never to old to do. And who knows, you might learn fast and surprise yourself! You'll love it if you give it a try, I promise. Good luck!

well i think 15 is to late because if your 11 12 or younger you get a better start but younger than 11 12 will be much better; 15 is too old to start because about when your 18 you start and 3 years is not enough; The above would be true for ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS but not so much so for other Gymnastics sports (there are Seven competitive Gymnastic Sports) of which many are NOT Olympic sports. BUTTT.. they are amazing sports, highly contested thru out the world and have a very viable WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS event. List Olympic Sports- Trampoline, Rhythmic, along with the two you know.... Men's and Woman's Artistic. Non-Olympic: Tumble and Trampoline Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Group Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics. I would Say TnT or Acro would be your best bet if your in the USA to get to a world level if you are older.

No. You can start almost any sport at almost any age.

no it is a great age to start, go for gold

No,it is never too late to join gymnastics. Brazillian gymnast Daiane Dos Santos started gymnastics at age 11 and was a world class gymnast. If you want to do gymnastics, follow your dreams and go for it!

There is no such thing as level 11 that I know of.... but How hold are you? Is it fat? That actually sounds very skinny to me. Very skinny level 11 is the start of elite gymnastics.

Gymnastics could be fun for the person who has courage and is ready for the thrill of a life time!! i am a level 6 gymnast and i am 11 years old!! try gymnastics it is FUN!!

Hi There, It is absolutley not too old to start ballet at 11. I started ballet in 2001 when i was 12 and now I am in the New Zealand school of dance. Good Luck =)

Well gymnastics is always good under guidance...age will not matter the capability does not depend on age at all.

You should start competing at the age of 8,9,10 or 11 because when you are a child you are more flexible.

Yes, very normal, mine started at 11, too. It can even start as early as 8 years old.

You are not too young, I started my period at 11 too and I thought i was too yound but some girls start at about 9 so you are not.

It is too old for some things, old enough for some and too young for others.

being 5'5 isn't too tall,and if u still enjoy doing gymnasdtics, 15 is not too old for level 5. sry im not sure about ideal wight stuff. 5'5 is definitely not too tall. I'm 16 and at level 11 and im 5'5..i weigh about 101 pounds..but don't worry about your weight for gymnastics, i know from expirience how much pressure there is about weight and losing more weight and it can ruin how much fun gymnastics is...if you have anymore questions i will be happy to answer them!!

yes definatley I dont see why not. Yes they could, but it may be just a little bit to late to start because I started when I was 7 and am now 11 and one of my friends joined last year and was finding it okay, BUT that was only because I had been teaching her abit, soooooo I would say that they could. HOPE THAT HELPS! YES DEFINETLY!! I started gymnastics at the age of 10 which is yes late to start but if you really love the sport and practice then you can get far. I am now an optional gymnastics which is good for doing gymnastics for only 5 years. So if you just love the sport and try real hard then of course you can do it. Maybe you just want to do it to exercise and not do it competitive gymnastics....either way starting gymnastics at 11 is late in the gymnastics world but with perserverance and hard work you can do it. I know tat sounds cheesy and corny but it worked for me and I started at age 10 and am now the national champions in usaigc gymnastics for level 8. Hope gymnastics works out for u!

I think that that is too much for an 11 year old girl, if you were older, it my not be too much. But at age 11, too much.

7-11 years old. You test in the age group of the age that you will be during the calendar year. For example, if testing is in June but you will be turning 11 in December, you will test as an 11 year old even though you are still 10 years old.

In USA gymnastics, there are ten levels. there are 11 if you count elite

Theoretically, you can easily start gymnastics at 11, if you find a club to take you but it could be unlikely that you will make competition level for your age groups, unless you are super talented already. Most gymnasts start between 4-7 but at the last olympics, a member of the French women's team, one gymnast started at age 10.

Luigina was 11 years, 302 days old when she won silver with the Italian team in women's team all-around gymnastics at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

Yes, Im 11 too. i have had a boy friend he 11 too.

Truthfully, 11 years old is a bit young to have a boyfriend. Trust me, it won't work out if you start dating too young. Enjoy being young and innocent while you can :)

It is way too tall for a 11 year old

An 11 yr ok can start doing yoga. It may not sound like it would help but it does. Yoga makes your body stretch in different posses. It really works watch like a video of different things you can do

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