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Yes but only a little, if your 5 feet and 1 inch your should be about 122 pounds not much, but if your taller I don't think so. Get a kids weight chart, do your height and weight and you should be okay.

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Are you considered overweight if you are 5' 7 and weight 139 pounds?

A person who is 5 feet 7 inches tall with a weight of 139 pounds has a BMI of 21.8. This is considered to be Normal Weight with overweight not coming until 160 pounds.

Is 139 pounds overweight for a 5' 3 40-year-old?

139 pounds for a 5' 3" person is almost overweight. You should be between and 110 and 140 to be considered a healthy, normal weight.

I am 5'3 in 139 lbs is that healthy for a 16 year old female?

139 pounds for a female who stands 5 feet 3 inches tall is considered overweight. The normal, healthy weight for that height is 107 pounds up to 135 pounds.

How many newtons is 139 pounds?

139 pounds = about 618.3 newtons

What is 139 pounds in kilogram?

139 pounds equates to 63.05 kg

139 pounds is equivalent to how many kilograms?

139 pounds is equivalent to 63.0493kg

What s 139 pounds in stone?

139 pounds is about 10 stone (9.93)

Are you obese if you are 5'7 and weigh 139 pounds?

5'7 and 139 lbs isn't anywhere near obese, it's not even close to being overweight. Your healthy weight range is inbetween 118 and 160, so 139 would put you at pretty much a perfect place.

What is 139 kilos to stones and pounds?

139 kilograms = 21.89 stone & 306.44 pounds.

Are you over weight if im 14 years old 5 feet and 5 inches and you weigh 139 pounds?

No, you are not overweight. The term "overweight" is thrown around a lot, but the fact is medical scientists really can't agree on what overweight is. BMI is an extremely poor measure, as is just looking at someone weight in pounds. If you eat well and are active, you are likely healthy.

What should be the weight a 5'9 girl?

Small Frame: 129 - 142 poundsMedium size: 139 - 153 poundsLarge Frame: 149 - 170 pounds

How much is 139 pounds in US dollars?

£139 is $168.67

How many kg is 139 lb?

139 pounds is 63.05 kilograms.

I am 5'2 what weight should I be?

The best weight would be between 118 and 130 pounds for a girl. The best weight would be between 139 and 152 pounds for a boy.

What is nine stone thirteen pounds in pounds?

9 stone 13 pounds = 139 pounds.

What is 9 stone 13 in pounds?

9 stone 13 pounds = 139 pounds

How much is 139kg in pounds?

139 kilograms is 306 pounds and 7.08 ounces.

What is Lil Wayne's Weight?

He's about 139 pounds.

Average weight of a 5'5 female?

139 pounds

How many kilogram in 139 pounds?

63.05 kg

What is Lil Wayne's weight?

He's about 139 pounds.

Is a 5' 6 139 pound 12-year-old overweight?


What is the average weight for a 12-year-old girl I'm 5 feet six inch and 139 pounds?

you ar ea couple of pounds hevy but you can lose the weight fast.

What celebrity weighs 139 pounds?

The fame actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is known to weigh 139 pounds. She starred in the 1999, film The Haunting. She then starred in The Traffic in 2000.

How many kilos is 139 pounds?

139lb = 63kg 49.334g