Is 1450 a high score on sat?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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It depends on what college you're going to. 1450 isn't really Ivy-League material, but it is an alright score. Extra-curricular activities also matter, it isn't just the SAT that they look for.

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I'm sure 1450 is not a high score. The average score is 1600~1700. If you want to go to some prestigious school you must get at least 2000. Just a not 2400 is the max score.

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Q: Is 1450 a high score on sat?
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What is the SAT score required for MD in AUB Lebanon?

1450/1600 (math and critical reading)

What is the minimum sat score to get into Washington State?

Washington State University accepts an average of 76 percent of its applicants. There is no actual minimum SAT score that is required for admission. A score of 1450 would just about guarantee entry.

Will you receive a scholarship if you have a high SAT score?

While having a high SAT score gives you an advantage, no scholarship is guaranteed for having one.

What SAT score do you need to get into a Cal state Long Beach?

When i applied no SAT score was required but it would benefit applicant to have a high SAT score if GPA was low.

What is required SAT score to get into the University of North Florida?

SAT and ACT score minimums depend upon High School GPA. Test score averages for incoming students are 1200 SAT, and 24 ACT.

What is sat score to get into john Hopkins university?

very high

What is the average SAT score for Eastern Washington University?

There are no specific SAT requirements for Washington State University. In 2013, the average SAT score of all three sections combined was 1450.

Can a high school student re-take an SAT subject test for a higher score like they can with the SAT?


Get a High ACT Score?

Colleges place a strong focus on having a high ACT or SAT score. If you want to get in to college, then try to get the highest score possible on the ACT or SAT. In addition to being admitted to the dream school of your choice, you may be able to get scholarship money as well.

What is the average SAT score for Bronx School of Science?

the average sat score at the bronx high school of science, #2 in new york, is 2000 sometimes higher sometimes lower.

What SAT score is needed to be a pediatrician?

sat score required for a pediatrician

Is a 2000 a high score in the SAT?

'High' is a somewhat subjective term, but a person scoring 2,000 on the SAT has scored better than approximately 93% of people across the nation.