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Not really.. on the old SAT it would be very good, but on the new one, it's probably better to have at least an 1800.

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Q: Is 1490 on the new SAT test considered good?
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Is 1037 on the SAT good?

The test is out of 2400.

Does the SAT test help ypou get into a good college?

It really depends on what score you got on the Sat test. Any score that the college think is good will apply you.

Is a 340 in math good on a SAT test?

lol no.

Is 1030 a good score on the sat?

no, the test is out of 2400 points.

What are the benefits of taking the sat exam?

The SAT is a test for people going on to college. Taking this test can get you accepted into a good college so you can get a better job.

Where can you find some good SAT Practice Vocabulary questions?

It is always better to do practice than only reading. You will find some good quality SAT Vocabulary practice test and Free Sat Vocabulary Test at Skill-Guru

Does the SAT have calculus questions?

No, the original SAT test does not have calculus. The SAT Subject Test for Math 2 also does not have calculus.

What kind of test SAT gives?

SAT is a standardized test, giving an approximation of a student's ability in comparison to other students. There is the original SAT test and the SAT Subject Tests.

Is 1290 a good SAT reasoning test score?

Any score between 1200 or 1600 is good.

What test can you take to prepare you for the SAT reasoning test?


Is 1590 a bad score for the SAT Reasoning Test?

SAT reasoning testI would say that anything above 1600 is considered as a good score. 1590 isn't a bad score,but you can consider taking SAT again to improve the score. When preparing for SAT i would recommend found it very inexpensive yet extremely useful.

What are the scores on the SAT?

The SAT test has three different sections which are math, reading, and writing. An average score is considered 1500. A perfect store, which is very rare, is 2,400.

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