Is 14 a good act score?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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If a young 13 year old (Sept. BD) in 8th grade scored a composite score of 21 on the ACT, would that be considered a good score, all things considered?

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I took the same grade 14 and I am going to retake it

because it's not good, for universities


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Q: Is 14 a good act score?
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What are good ACT scores?

Thirty six is the highest score a person can get on the ACT. A general rule is that any score that is above fifteen is a good score.

Is 10.8 a good score on act?

That is not good.

Is 69 good for an ACT score?

you can only get a 36...

If you have a 14 on your act and a 3.8 GPA will colleges be interested?

If you are a Junior and take the ACT for the first time in the spring of Junior year and receive a 14 overall score and have a 3.8 grade point all thru high school. Is this consider a good score or a combination that a college would be interested in for basic scholarships or for NCAA consideration?

Is 14 a bad score for the act?

not good my friend..better try again or gitry your hand at SAT

What is a good ACT test grade?

The average ACT score in the USA is a 21. The highest possible score on the ACT however is a 36. To get into a college like UCSD, the average seems to be like a 26-32. So a good score would probably be a 25-29 but a great score would be a 30-36!

What is a good score on the wunderlic test?

You have to get 14 right

Is a 25 act score and 3.8 GPA good?


Is 16 a good act composite score?

having that score is not good because they give you 12 if i was you i would retake it and study for the test this time.....

What is the average act score at usc?

what is the ACT score composite score

What grade level is an ACT score of 14 equal to?

Not that great.... its a 38-39% ...way below failing.

What is the required ACT score to get into the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff?

There is no minimum ACT score, however, looking at the average scores of admitted students might give you a better idea of what they are looking for. Mid-range ACT scores range from 14-19.