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For fun, friends and fitness - no. For a competitive career - probably yes.

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There is no height limit for gymnastics. And I am not sure about the age. I am 14 and I do gymnastics and I think that like 16-19 is too old. But there is no age limit

Not at all. Gymnastics is a good sport for all ages

For competitive gymnastics it may be a little hard to start at that age, but if you're just looking for fun gymnastics its never to late to start. Competitive gymnastics is better when you start early, but if you have any kind of background in flipping sports, you may want to give it a try.

i started when i was 6, but you can start from 4- 14 years of age

Sure! You probably won't be able to win medals, but you can enjoy the Heath benefits and the fun of gymnastics. Some adults do gymnastics too; one man started when he was 45!

No but you may want some extra lessons if you are thinking of starting when you are 14 years old so that you can catch up to the ability level of the other kids that are your age

Of course not! You can start the journey at any age.

There is no age requirement, but children younger than 4 or 5 generally do not have enough control over their body to do gymnastics and teenagers older than 14 or 15 generally do not start gymnastics because a gymnasts body at that age is very well adjusted to gymnastics with flexibility and muscle. Most gymnasts "retire" at about 16 or 17 anyway, because their body is too "old" or is starting to wear out because of the harsh abuse from years of gymnastics. But, I know several people who have started gymnastics at 14 and are doing very well.

you have to be 14 to enter your self in the Olympics.

14 or older. Usually 14-18. Depends on the county and state law too.

Yep. No! your never to old to start gymnastics. but it may be difficult for you to do it at elite level, but who knows. the best person to ask would be a coach ---- Rather broad question. Which Gymnastic are you speaking of? Aristic (men or womans) Acrobatic, Rhythmic, Tumble/Tramp Gym, Group Gym. In Acro, Tumble Tramp, and Group gym age is less an issue. Group Gym has had squad members in their 80's. NOT KIDDING.

Usually they are 10-13 for boys And for girls 8 -13 but if you start late like say if your a 13 or 14 year-old level 6 then you will be 16 in level seven

Not at all. Your never to old to start something you want to do! I'm sure you would catch-0N pretty fast!

No, the age requirement is that you must turn 16 by the end of the Olympic year.

Well, why does a 14 year old need to take birth control pills? 14 years old is too young to have sex in the first place.

No, just keep working hard! Most college gymnasts are at least a level 9 and sometimes a level 10!

14 medals are awarded in olympic gymnastics

14 is when you can start mma classes

ive seen as young as 14. The minimum age for gymnastics is 16 (but nobody told the Chinese).

No, it is not too late as long as you are at least a bit flexible.

No!!!!!!!are you freakin crazy? No; at 14 you are too young. Also you are too young to be having sex.

No... it's too high. I'm a 14 yr old girl too and my bpm is 80+-5. I exercise very regularly too.

15 is not too old to start modeling. A good age range to start if you want to do fashion/runway modeling is between 14-17 years of age. There is also commercial/print, which needs models of all ages.

um yes a 14 year old should be at least a level 7

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