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Is 240V cheaper than 120V?

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Cost is based on watts not voltage...pkazsr

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240V European and 120V US does one have an advantage over the other?

Generally 220v anything works easier or with less effort so can be cheaper to run. Appliances that run off 240V draw less current than 120V appliances so lighter wiring and fixtures can be used. However, 240V is more prone to arcing than 120V. Also, 240V is more likely to blow you away than 120V, whereas 120V is more likely to "grab" (Cause your muscles to involuntarily contract, i.e. making your hand grab a conductor) you. Also the US uses 120V because Edison originally used 100V. It was upped over the years to cope with demand. The US also has 240V in residential service for large appliances like ovens and dryers.

Why do you have appliances at 240v rather than have all be 120v?

Less current is needed

What takes less energy 120v or 240v?

120V takes less energy

Can I use a 120v rated bulb in a 240v socket on a 120v circuit?


Can a 120V Generator run 240V machines?


Can 240V washer run on 120V outlet?


You are building a new house and trying to decide between 120v and 240v which is better More practical?

In the US, both 120v and 240v will be needed for your home, as different appliances need different voltages. Your TV needs 120V, while your electric dryer and stove will need a 120V/240V supply. If you have an electric water heater, or central AC unit, they will need a 240V supply.

What is the normal voltage of house clectricity in the US?

120v or 240v. 120v is one leg of the main panel, and 240 is two legs of the main panel. 120v is lights,outlets. 240v, dryer,stove.

Why are you not getting 240v between the two hot wires?

Because they are "in-phase". In order to get 240v, you need two 120v Alternating Current lines that are 180° out of phase, that is, opposite phases. Only when one line is +120v and the other -120v will you see 240v between the wires.

How can you convert a 240v clothes dryer to 120v can you use to different outlettes?

You cannot use 2-120v outlets to power a 240v dryer. You can convert a 240v dryer outlet to power 2-120v outlets if they are supplied with a neutral. This requires a competent electrician. Do not do this yourself.

Can you run your neon sign of 120v 50hz 60hz 0.6a 7.5kv 30mA in an Australian 240v power outlet?

No. The neon sign is fed by a step-up transformer. Primary side 120V, secondary side 7500V. If you applied 240 to the primary side you would get 15000 volts on the neon tube. A flash over and then nothing. If you can find a transformer from 120V to 240V or 240V to 120V then you are good to go. Connect 240V to 240V side and you will get 120V out the other, connect the 120V side to the neon sign and you should have light. Transformer should be at least 100va. This will give you an output of .83 amps at 120V

In terms of electricity is 240 volts cheaper than 120?

Your electric bill is computed in kilowatt-hours. This is a measure of power over a period of time, which is a combination of volts and amps. Amperage at 240v would be half that of 120v, but obviously the voltage is double. So the net watts are the same. As a result, your net kilowatt-hours will be the same whether you use 120v or 240v.

If you have a 240V 22A welder which has a plug similar but smaller than a dryer plug can you use this in a 120V outlet?


If you put a 60W 120V bulb in a 120V lamp that has a transformer for 240V and plug it into a 240V outlet will it work or blow the circuitry?

Off hand no but your explanations are not clear as to who is doing what to whom,,

Can you use a 300V AC on a 120V-240V AC?

No. The voltage span is greater than 10 percent.

If you put a 240V bulb in a 120V lamp that has no transformer and plug it into a 240V outlet will it work or blow the circuitry?

Not only will it work, but it will last for much longer than if it was connected to 220volts!

How do you plug a 120V appliance into an outlet wired for a 240V?

you get an adapter

Is it safe to use a 120v input battery charger on 240v?


Can I use 120v 10a 1250 w cable for projector 110-240v power in India?

You can use 120v 10a 125w cable projectors 110-240v power in India.

Is it possible to run a 240V washer-dryer combo without wiring for another wall outlet?

I assume its 120V already: so, yes, you'll have to wire for a 240V receptacle (240V uses 1 more current carrying wire than 120V). Even if there were enough wires at 120V you'd still need a larger size wire for the combo unit. An electric dryer is a beast with electrical current.

What are the two most popular operating voltages for residences?

120v and 240v

What is the voltage in the secondary coil if the primary coil is supplied with 120V?


You have 120v photo flash lights - how do you use them with 240v in Oz?

Power adaptors are readily available that plug into Australia's 240v outlets, converting to 120v. Find them in travel, luggage and electronics stores.

How many amps equal 7 killowatts?

It depends on the voltage source in question. watts = volts * volts / resistance and amps = volts / resistance example 1: Producing 7kW from a 120V source will require a resistor of size: 120V*120V/7000W = 2.05 Ohm And this will pull 120V/2.05Ohm = 58.3 Amps of current. example 2: Producing 7kW from a 240V source will require a resistor of size: 240V*240V/7000W = 8.23 Ohm And this will pull 240V/8.23Ohm = 29.2 Amps of current.

600 watts requires how many amps?

It depends on the voltage source. watts = voltage * voltage / resistance and amps = voltage / resistance example 1: To produce 600W from a 120V source, you need a resistor of size 120V*120V/600W = 24 Ohm. This would pull 120V/24 Ohm = 5 amps. example 2: To produce 600W from a 240V source, you need a resistor of size 240V*240V/600W = 96 Ohm. This would pull 240V/96 Ohm = 2.5 amps.