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Q: Is 26 thousand dollars a lot for college tuition?
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What was the cost of college tuition in 1958?

it costs a lot like 20000 dollars

How do you use a sentence with thousand in it?

A thousand dollars is a lot of money. There were over a thousand people at the park.

What will be the cost of one year at university?

It really depends on the University, a community college might cost a couple thousand dollars as opposed to Harvard which costs a lot of money!

What is the value of a used holden barina?

It depends a lot on the year and condition of the car. The price can vary from a couple thousand dollars, all the way up to about thirteen thousand dollars.

How much would one hundred thousand dollars in 1934 be worth today?

A lot

What is three thousand two hundred billion dollars?

Answer 1: A lot of money Answer 2: 3,200 billion dollars Answer 3: 3.2 trillion dollars

How can a kid make 100.00 dollars an hour?

You have to have a profession that requires at lot of college.

How much is 1000 us dollars in Mexico?

its worth a lot more then it is in the U.S. people in Mexico would be really happy if they had a thousand dollars.

Where can you find information about low-fee online tuition courses?

Many local community colleges offer distance learning programs. A lot of the time, if you reside in the same county as the community college, there is a tuition break that you can capitalize on.

Are bronze figures worth a lot?

Yes, bronze figures can be worth a lot of money. Some popular and famous bronze figures or statues are worth anywhere between fifteen thousand and twenty thousand dollars.

Is 50 thousand dollars a lot of money to have in a retirement account when your 23 years old?

Yes, that is an excellent start!

Why is the cost of college tuition rising?

It depends on where you live, but mostly because some communities are greedy with money and raise it to the maximum level where it's legal at. It's ridiculous for a lot of people, which is why scholarships come in handy at times like these. There are scholarships available that can also pay for college tuition as well.