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hell no! that's tiny! my name is jak tucker

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Is Bob Marley the king of weed?

Nobody is king of weed, but yes he did smoke lot of weed. :)

28 grams is equal to what?


How much is an ounze of weed?

28 grams

How many grams in an ounce of weed?

28 grams

How much does a ounce of weed weigh?

28 grams

How many grams is in a ounce of weed?


How much weed is smoked in a year?

a lot

How much does a bowl of weed cost?

A lot

What cures a ophthalmologist?

smoking a lot of weed

How many grams in a pound of weed?


The weight of a quarter pound of weed?


How do you get weed out of your system quickly?

drink water a lot

How much weed makes you dumb?

I say a lot.

How many people in the us smoke weed?

A lot.

What happens when you smoke weed a lot?

Your penis dies

Does smoking weed affect stamina?

Yes if you do it a lot

Do you get horney when your high?

on Weed? Nope, but you will laugh a lot.

Do a lot of people ask questions about weed?

Is this one of them

What does the lymphatic system pertain to?

smoke a lot of weed

If he smokes a lot of weed can i get pregnant?

Of course you can! If he uses a lot of condoms you won't though

Does Tiffany smoke a lot of weed?

yes she does she also hops on my d!ck a lot.

What happens if you have a registered gun and a bag of weed?

You could get your gun taken an charged with the bag of weed the cops will say you were protecting the weed but that's only if you have a lot

What are the release dates for Weed and Me - 2013?

Weed and Me - 2013 was released on: USA: 28 September 2013 (Quarterly Wrap Festival)

How much do one ounce of weed weigh on an scale?

28 grams

What is the chance of me being pregnant if we used the pull out method but he smokes weed a lot?

Lol smoke weed it helps