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no 64 is Disney channel

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:21:09
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Q: Is 58 Disney channel
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Who owns disney channel?

Disney Channel is owned by Disney Channels Worldwide, otherwise known as Disney - ABC Television Group. Disney Channel is an American cable channel.

Who is Disney channel?

disney channel is not a person, it is a channel on tv!

When did Disney introduce the Disney channel?

Disney Channel was first launched as 'The Disney Channel' on April 18, 1983. In 1988, it omitted the term "The" from it's title to become just "Disney Channel".

What radio channel does Mickey Mouse listen to?

radio Disney

Which channel is Disney XD on?

On sky Disney xd is on channel 607.

Which channel will Disney XD be on?

well you can find it on Disney channel and Disney channel +1

What number is Disney channel on virgin?

Disney Channel is on 724 & Disney Channel+1 is on 725

Who runs Disney channel?

Walt Disney Company runs the Disney Channel.

What channel is Disney Channel in Tennessee?

At least in Morristown, Tennessee, Disney Channel is channel 54.

What TV show that starts with letter J?

JoJo's circus on Disney Channel. JoJo's circus on Disney Channel. JoJo's circus on Disney Channel. JoJo's circus on Disney Channel.

Disney channel games 2009 teams?

There are no Disney Channel Games this summer. Disney has announced a new charity event that will involve Disney Channel and Disney XD stars.

What are the names of all the Disney channels?

well the names are disney chanel, disney jouner, and i forgot the rest

What channel is jetix?

The channel jetix was replaced with disney channel or disney xd

How to play Disney channel games at home?

The Disney channel does have games that you can play based on their shows they have on the channel. Disney channel should have a link to their games.

Is Disney xd on Disney channel?

No, Disney XD and Disney Channel are two separate television channels. Disney XD is just a sister channel to Disney Channel, and it's only avaliable if you have satelite or cable television programming. But It's Rumoured That On August 19, It Will Premiere On Family Channel.....

What channel is radio Disney on for Connecticut?

Disney channel

Where do you audition for Disney channel?

I will audition for Disney channel

Any Disney channel auditions for Disney channel?


What is the Disney Channel Company name?

Disney Channel

What is the abbreviation for Disney Channel?

DC (Disney Channel)

What is Satanic Disney Channel?

Satanic Disney Channel is the Disney Channel that demented souls of evil teens watch in hell.

What channel is Disney on Demand on?

Disney Channel on Demand is a place where you can watch Disney Channel shows without waiting for them to come on.

Where can one find songs from the Disney Channel?

Songs from Disney Channel can be found on Disney's official website. The Disney website has a playlist with a wide range of artists and songs from the Disney Channel.

Why cant sera merclara be on Disney channel like Miley Cyrus?

because Disney channel hasn't had en vote well if you want her to be on Disney channel vote and call Disney thanks because Disney channel hasn't had en vote well if you want her to be on Disney channel vote and call Disney thanks

Where could you see the new suite life on deck?

you could see it on Disney channel. and if you have direct tv and you missed an episode they have a east channel for Disney channel and a west channel for Disney channel so 3 hours later u can see it on the west channel of Disney channel