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Yes it is. 5:350 = 8:560

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How many pounds of grass seed to cover 10000 square feet?

Go to the store, determine what kind of grass you want, read the information on the package and it will tell you how many square feet the bag will cover.

How many square feet in a pallet of grass?

Around 400 square feet of grass in a pallet.

How many pounds of grass seed are needed for 5840 square feet if 2 pounds of grass seed cover 365 square feet?

2 lb per 365 sq ft → 2 ÷ 365 lb/sq ft → for 5840 square feet the amount of grass seed needed is given by: 2 ÷ 365 lb/sq ft × 5840 sq ft = 32 lb

A rectangular pool 42 feet by 68 feet is on a rectangular lot 105 feet by 236 feet the rest of lot is grass aproximately how many square feet is grass?

The entire lot is an area of 24,780 square feet. The pool takes up 2,856 square feet, leaving 21,924 square feet of grass area.

A pound of grass seed covers 4000 square feet of lawn Then how many pounds of grass seed are needed to cover a lawn measuring 150 feet by 160 feet?

150 ft * 160 ft = 24 000 square feet. 4 000 sq feet of lawn requires one pound of seeds so 24 000 sq ft of lawn will require 6 pounds of seed.

How do you get pound to sq feet?

They are not the same. Pounds is a measurement of weight. Square Feet is a measurement of Area. Some references to "pounds" really is meant to be "pounds per Square inch" which is a measurement of Pressure (or force). Maybe you mean converting "pounds per square inch" to "pounds per square feet"?? You need to be more specific and check your facts of the problem.

How many square feet will a pallet of grass cover?

A normal pallet of sod covers 500 square feet

How many pounds of grass seed to cover one acre?

Calculate the square footage of your yard. Determine which type of seed you will be using. There are some variations in amount of seed needed depending on the type of seed used. Some common types are Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. Kentucky Bluegrass requires two to three pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Tall Fescue requires six to eight pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Calculate the total pounds of seed needed. Divide the total square feet of your lawn by 1,000. Then multiply that number by the pounds of seed needed per 1,000 square feet.

How do you convert 440 pounds into square feet?

It is difficult if not impossible to convert pounds to square feet. The units pounds are used to measure mass and square feet measures area. If you were looking at something like floor tile, which weighs "X" per square foot, it may be possible to calculate and find an answer. As it is, though, we're stuck.

How many pounds per square feet are 350 kilograms per square meter?

350 kg per sq m = about 71.69 pounds per sq feet.

How much does 2000 punds cover in square feet?

That'll depend on what you're covering them with. A lot of square feet if you're covering them with 2000 pounds of silk or styrofoam, not many square feet if you're covering them with 2000 pounds of lead or stones or gold.

How many yards are in 180 square feet of grass?

'Yard' is a unit used to measure distance. 'Square feet' is a unit used to measure area. So you really cannot convert Square feet to yards. But you can convert 'Square feet' to 'Square yard' as both are units of area. In your case 180 Square feet = 20 square yards.

How many pounds are in 10 square feet?

you've got to be kidding me

What is the water pressure at 3500 feet?

1,570 pounds per square inch at a depth of 3,500 feet.

What would the water pressure be at 20 feet?

23.6 pounds per square inch at 20 feet.

How many pounds of miracle-gro lawn feed do you need for 4 acres?

1 acre = 43560 square feet. 4 acres = 174240 square feet According to the label, it's 5 pounds (1 box) per 4000 square feet. 174240 / 4000 = 43.56 boxes 43.56 x 5 = 217.8 pounds.

How many lbs of water fit int 320 square feet?

Square feet is an area and pounds are a weight. There is no direct conversion between the two.

A yard is 20 feet by 8 feet there are 120 blades of grass per squire inch how many blades of grass in the entire lawn?

There are 144 square inches to the sq. foot....at 120 blades of grass per sq. inch it would have 17,280 blades to every sq. foot. 17,280 blades times 160 square feet of surface to the lawn would equal 2,764,800 blades of grass.

How many feet is 20 ATM?

ATM is the abbreviation for atmosphere's, which is a measurement of pressure. 1 ATM = 14.696 PSI 30 ATM = 440.88 PSI (440.88 pounds)/1 square inch = (40.88 pounds)/(1/144)square feet 63486.72 pounds per square foot. So 30 atmospheres is equal approximately to 63486.72 pounds per square foot.

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