Is 7 Up Sprite or Ginger Ale good for your sick stomach?

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Sprite, 7up, and ginger ale are all good for the flu. They help with nausea and also help your stomach settle by neutralizing some of the acid in your stomach More answers: 7-UP and Ginger Ale are the best drinks for a tummy upset and my mom gave it to me when I was a kid. The trick is to NOT drink it cold, pour some in a glass LET STAND for at least 15 - 20 minutes until the pop goes flat and then drink it.

I dont know about 7UP and Sprite since they seem to have a lot of other ingredients but the best thing is Ginger Ale and its best to stick to the Canada Dry brand but here's the trick. Have it at room temperature and it has to be slightly flat. Too much carbonation and it will upset your stomach even more. The slightly flat has less carbonation that helps ease the stomach; might induce burping though if you have a lot of gas in stomach but the sick stomach is not from gas. It's when you eat foods that are tainted or if you have a virus. There are two things at play in gingerale. first there is SLIGHT carbonation that makes you feel better and second Ginger Ale though it may not list it on label on ingredients it contains GINGER which is medically approved to help with upset stomaches.

Actually, All three of those are good choices, and if it is gas, its best if you drink it carbonated, and ice cold, that way you can burp up the extra gas in your stomach, also the slower you drink it the less gas the pop will give you that way you don't have to burp up any more gas than necessary.

Actually, GINGER-ALE is without doubt a much better choice than anything else--one of the few herbs that has been scientifically proven to do what traditional folk medicine says it does is ginger, and ginger settles the stomach. If flat and drunk slowly, it is easier to keep down than water. Burping when your stomach is sick can induce vomiting, so you definitely don't want that. Ginger ale with real ginger in it, at a moderate temperature (not ice-cold), and flat, taken slowly in small sips--that's best.
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What does Sprite do for you when you are sick?

My Sis-in-Law were thinking about this and both of our parents used to give us Sprite when we were sick I have tried to find answers on why and no luck thus far I was always told to drink sprite when you're sick because the carbonation helps calm your stomach. Other sodas would work to but sprite ( Full Answer )

What ginger good for?

Answer . justin is a young boy of 47 still in year 11 because he kept getting sent back to primary school.he has so much testosterone his fingers are like sausages and hes started to develope only oeastrogen.hes due later this year with a hermothadite for a father.lets hope justins son will do b ( Full Answer )

What is ginger good for?

Ginger helps with nausea caused by motion sickness and also withmorning sickness. Additionally, not only does it act as a naturalantihistamine and a mild decongestant, but it is also great for asore throat. The herb promotes the release of bile from thegallbladder for people suffering from gallstone ( Full Answer )

Why is ginger ale good for you?

It's not the Ginger-ale that's good for you, it's the ginger it's made from. Ginger protects the lungs and colon, oil of ginger stimulates circulation and is useful for arthritic and rheumatic disorders, urinary difficulties, morning sickness and motion sickness.

Are ginger pills good for motion sickness while fishing?

Ginger will certainly help with reducing motion sickness, I personally prefer to use candied ginger, but I like the taste. The capsules and pills will do fine, and in a pinch flat ginger ale will work too.

Why is ginger ale good for upset stomach?

The carbonation helps release gas from your stomach, if your upset stomach is due to gas, and the ginger in ginger ale has been an approved remedy for upset stomachs for centuries. Just make sure the ale actually has ginger as an ingredient, though if it doesn't it may still work, just not as effect ( Full Answer )

What is the pH of Ginger Ale?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the pH ofginger ale is somewhere between 2.0 and 4.0. This is similar toapple juice, which has a pH of 3.4 to 4.0.

Why does 7 Up help an upset stomach?

Putting soda bubbles in your belly will help encourage gas trapped in your stomach to come up as a belch. It also helps dilute the acids in your stomach. Ginger ale or ginger tea is also another good way to soothe that bad tummy. Ginger has been used to settle stomach problems for thousands of years ( Full Answer )

Does ginger prevent motion sickness?

I have carried candied ginger root with me for motion sickness as long as I have been an adult. It is a safe and for me effective way to deal with the problem. As a last resort (if I do not have ginger root) ginger ale will help, but is nowhere near as effective. :Ginger root is one of, if not th ( Full Answer )

Is there ginger in ginger ale?

Ginger ale is called ginger ale because the ingredients are always mixed with ginger or ginger flavoring.

Is flat ginger ale good when you are sick?

Ginger ale is suppose to stimulate your body by causing heat. Also like most other spices and herbs it does help you if you digest some. To much off it can be bad though sometimes. Just consider it like garlic or onions.

What is ginger ale good for?

settling an upset stomach... even better when its flat, cos its the ginger that's good for you.

What is a ginger good for?

I use ginger quite often, love it. Ginger is good for your heart as well as your stomach. Among its other benefits, itseems to have a blood-thinning effect. I did post this answer on another so take a look, but be careful ifyou are pregnant as well as contemplating surgery with anesthesia.Ginger c ( Full Answer )

Is Ginger ale good for food poisoning?

A little ginger ale may sometimes be good for an occasional upset stomach, but if you suspect food poisoning, you must contact your PCP or a clinic at once. Ginger ale is nice, but it has no effect whatever on the causes of food poisoning.

What brand of ginger ale has real ginger in it?

Depends on the brand, but most 'popular' ginger ale beverages don't have any real ginger only artificial flavors. REAL ginger ale drinks best settle upset stomachs and are a real taste treat but they can usually only be found in health food and natural food stores Canada Dry ginger ale has ging ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by Sprite does settles the stomach?

Diet Coke doesn't settle the stomach neither does Sprite cause its carbonated the best would be Ginger Ale cause of the ginger in the soda is a herb that works well for stomach problems.

Is ginger ale good for kids?

no, ginger beer is very bad for kids under 12+. it has ginger in it, ginger is very strong and will stop kids from growing proparly. it will make them short and fat. beer is also very bad for kids it makes them stupid and slow at maths

Does Sprite calm your stomach?

Any drink with 'bubbles' will make you burp. Carbonation helps sometimes, by causing you to burp, which can relieve pressure but really doesn't have a ton to do with an upset stomach. And Sprite, 7 up and ginger ale are good for upset stomach.

Why drink sprite when you are sick?

there are these things called electrolytes if you have the stomach virus then your electrolytes would be lower than usual. Sprite contains electrolytes necessary to get better.

Why is Ginger Ale called Ginger Ale?

Ginger ale is called Ginger ale because most mixtures (if not all) are mxed with Ginger flavor. The Bundaberg company uses real pieces of Ginger to flavor their product, as do many other companies.

Does Pepsi make ginger ale?

No, Pepsi does not make a ginger ale. They have over 862 productsand drinks. Coca Cola owns Seagrams Ginger Ale and another popularbrand is Canada Dry.

What is the difference in ginger ale and ginger beer?

the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer is ginger ale contains less ginger in ginger beer because its acidic drink, and ginger ale comes in crates rather than the ginger beer which can be sold in pubs (glasses)

What is ginger ale mostly made of?

I'm no expert but acording to the label (the first ingredient is always what makes up the most of the product) the main ingredient is water.

Is green tea ginger ale good for you?

Well, it depends, if you are getting motion sickness on a plane than yes! But if your on a diet i really don"t think so! (has lots of sugar) Another opinion: Both green tea and ginger are good for you, so if you are going to drink a soda, this would certainly be a better choice than something li ( Full Answer )

Does Seagram's ginger ale have real ginger?

No it doesn't. The ingredient label says: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. No ginger.

What is sick to the stomach?

a puke feeling being held down by the body or it can happen by eating too much or experiencing something gross

Why is sprite good when you throw up?

All sodas are good for after you puke, especially Ginger Ale. The reason soda is good is because the CO 2 kind of bubbles in your stomach and makes you burp, therefore curing nausea and/or vomiting. Hope this helps!

WHY cook ham with ginger ale?

The sweetness and the ginger enhance the flavor, and the liquid keeps the ham moist.

Is ginger ale good for the stomach virus?

Ginger ale doesn't fight the virus, no. For centuries, though, mariners and others that have to battle with constant motion or an uneasy stomach have turned to ginger in order to calm it.

Which came first Sprite or 7-up?

7-Up came first. It was introduced in 1929 as "Bib-Label LithiatedLemon-Lime Soda" before its name changed in 1936 to 7 Up. Spritewas introduced to the US in 1961 after it was developed in WestGermany as Fanta Klare Zitrone ("Clear Lemon Fanta") in 1959,mostly as a response to 7 Up's popularity.

What does ginger ale taste like?

well it taste like ginger it makes your stomach feel good when it hurts and good to enjoy for a good cold drink hope it helps

Is throwing up good when your sick?

Well it obviously doesnt feel good, but I think its good to get everything bad out of your system.. from fantagecookies, yes, its good when you are throwing up when you are sick.It help the bad things go out of your body and you will get healther soon enough.It also get lots of pain too,cause when ( Full Answer )

Does ginger settle your stomach?

Yes, ginger can settle your stomach. If your stomach is still hurting after that try plain club soda. I know its doesn't taste good but it will help.

Can you add powdered ginger to ginger ale?

You can if you want to. Try it over the sink first, because you're going to provide tons of nucleation sites and all the "fizz" is going to come out in a hurry.

Is ginger ale good for acne?

Yes but try ginger beer which is a bit stronger. Ginger is a antioxidant that eliminates free radicals. It helped me. Try 'Old Jamaica Ginger Beer'

Can sprite and vodka make your heart rate go up and get sick?

Alcohol is a depressant, so it doesn't usually raise your pulse. Alcohol does often make people sick. Adding soda to your liquor makes it easier for you to drink faster and increases the odds that you will drink until you get sick.

Is ginger ale good for you?

Pure ginger ale is very good for you as ginger has a variety ofhelpful properties.

Can you drink ginger ale with the stomach virus?

When people have stomach issues the BRAT diet is usually used. B-banana R-rice A-applesauce T-toast But Ginger ale has long been one of the things people use to calmupset stomachs, it should be ok to drink but it is always best toask your doctor.