Is 90 beats per minute a normal resting heart beat for a 22 year old male?

The average resting heartbeat for all humans before reaching the age of approximately 45 is 72 beats per minute. 90 BPM as a resting pulse is high when compared to the average. However, there is no cause for alarm as long as you are healthy and not having any symptoms of a problem. A higher pulse simply means that your heart is emitting an insignificantly smaller amount of blood when compared to an average heart beat. Consequently, your heart will beat more to provide the blood needed for the body.

There are many benign reasons to account for elevated resting pulse rates including stress, tension, anxiety and adrenaline. There are also malevolent reasons such as high blood pressure. If you are athletic, your resting heartbeat will decline. As you age, your resting heartbeat can increase (although will not necessarily do so) and should not do so significantly.

Generally, there is no cause for concern as you are within the range of normal.