Is 90 over 58 a good blood pressure for a 35 Year old male?

90/58 is a bit low, as 125/70 is considered "normal". Do you drink enough water? Maybe have a talk with your doctor.


As the previous answerer notes, 90/58 is a low pressure reading. The current WHO standard is 120 mmHg over 80 mmHg, with hypertension defined as a systolic (the first of the two numbers) reading over 140 mmHg, and / or diastolic (the second of the two numbers) over 90.

A number of 90/58 is below what is conventionally seen as normal, and it is therefore deemed "hypotensive", meaning that the pressure is too low. Although a persons blood pressure should always be seen in perspective of what is normal of that person, 90 / 58 would be considered fairly low by most.

Remember though, that although we often hear of high blood pressure as being dangerous, there is also such a thing as a too low blood pressure, which could be a symptom of underlying disease. To be sure, have a doctor review your numbers.