Is Abdul qadeer Khan Pathan?

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Yes, he is.

Abdul Qadeer Khan is a Pakistani Pashtun (Pathan) by ethnicity. He was born into an ethnically Pashtun, but Urdu-speaking family. In fact, pretty much all Pakistani Pashtuns (at least the urban dwellers and those that have gone to school) that live in Pakistan (NOT Afghan refugees or their offspring) speak Urdu.

Abdul Qadeer Khan is part of a group of famous Pashtuns that are well know in Pakistan and have contributed to the betterment of the nation: A.Q. Khan, Ayub Khan, Imran Khan, etc.
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When was Dr Abdul qadir khan born?

Actually he was born on 27th April 1936, Bhopal, British India. since it was not legal to admit children in school before the age of 3. so his parents documented 1st April as his date of birth. so that he could get admission in school.

What are the most ancient origins of Tareen tribe of Pathans?

Tareens are considered to be ARYANS,(soldiers of German army) the time when the Germans came here.By time they setteled mostly in areas like pishin district in balochistan, in hazara district in NWFP,some in Multan city in Punjab.Tareens are also in areas like tarinkott near kandar in Afghanistan.

History of Doctor Abdul qadir khan?

Doctor Abul Qadeer Khan is a Pakistani nuclear physicist andfounder of Pakistan's nuclear program. He was born in 1936 inBhopal (now India). After partition of India, his family moved toPakistan and settled in Karachi. A Q Khan obtained a degree inmetallurgy from Karachi University in 1960. In 1961 ( Full Answer )

Who is Paula Abdul?

She is a judge on American Idol, but she is also a artist/ singer from the 80's, and 90's era. You can check out some of her music on itunes. Her strongest talent is DANCE. While she did have several top 40 hits as a pop singer in the 80s/early 90s, including "Forever Your Girl", "Straight Up", "Opp ( Full Answer )

What is a Khan?

A Khan is leader of a mongolian tribe B Its a honorable title. C It is usually a tribe from Peshawer ( And neighbours ) Pakistan. B, is 1010% correct IT IS A VERY HONOURABLE TITLE. It is usually the last name.

Who is chaka Khan?

a 10-time Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter whose career has spanned four decades, beginning with fame in the 1970s as the frontwoman and focal point of the funk band Rufus . While still a member of the group in 1978, Khan embarked on a successful solo career. Her signature h ( Full Answer )

Who was khan?

Khan was the name for the ruler, like king or emperor. There was many khans who ruled Mongolia including Chinggis (aka Genghis) Khan and his grandson Khubilai (sometimes spelled without the first 'i') Khan.

What language does irfan pathan speak?


What are the Pathan wedding traditions?

one out of many unique traditions in pathan wedding is as bride enters grooms house ,one lady among the closest relatives of groom puts a piece of cotton beneath every single step of the bride.This is a depiction of love and comfort she will enjoy in groom`s house.

About shahrukh Khan?

Nick Name: SRK Commonly Known Name: King Khan Date of Birth (Birthday): 2 November, 1965 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 5'9" Eye Color: Black Hair Color: Black Birth Place: New Delhi Religion: Muslim Education: Masters in Mass Communication from Jamiya Miliya Isla ( Full Answer )

What is true history of Mughal-Pathans Do not confuse it with MongolsMughals they are pathans having Afghan origin with true pasthunwali in some areas?

Mughal and Pathans are two different tribes. Either you are Mughal or Pathan. The Kalarall are sons of Kalar Sha who is son of Sujann Sha. The Kalar sha came to subcontinent Delhi due to Mongolian Barbarism in 1225 during the Regin of Iltumash subjugated the people of Kashmir hazara and Potwar and b ( Full Answer )

Who is billy Khan?

billy khan is a man who works at LIDL, he eats curry and is known to eat 106 plates of curry in a week. he went to cambridge university but he isn't that clever

Is there any link of mughal pathan and tareen?

Mughal and Pathan are two different tribes.Either you are Mughal or Pathan.The Kalarall are sons of Kalar Sha who is son of Sujann Sha.The Kalar sha came to subcontinant Dehli due to Mongolian Barbarisim in 1225 during the Regin of Iltumash subjugated the people of Kashmir hazara and Potwar and beca ( Full Answer )

Who are Kalar Mughal Pathans living at Nachindi Chakwal and Hazara district?

Mughal and Pathan are two different tribes.Either you are Mughal or Pathan.The Kalarall are sons of Kalar Sha who is son of Sujann Sha.The Kalar sha came to subcontinant Dehli due to Mongolian Barbarisim in 1225 during the Regin of Iltumash subjugated the people of Kashmir hazara and Potwar and beca ( Full Answer )

What is the history of mughal pathans?

pathans are a bunch of people who have differnent tribes and clans and are decendence of ghenghis khan and also believe to be decendence of Alexander

Why did Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan make the atomic bomb?

because he wanted to enter the atomic energetic power session and have a atomic power for pakistan. pakistan has many enemy like that India ,ameriica .when Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan make the atomic bomb then pakistan will make the super power in the atomic engry.

What did Abdul qadeer Khan do?

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was a nuclear scientist and in the 1970s worked on Pakistan's Uranium enrichment program.

Paula Abdul had a?

B. If a concert you mean, she only had a few after her first album.

Is peshawar city pathans?

peshawar is not pathan its habitants are pathans they are in majority other than pathans there are Sikhs Afghan and Baloch

Mughals are pathans or not?

somehow,due to racial background,pathans belong to mughals and vice versa.mughals are turko-persian in origin so as pathans.mughals hold a high status in the society as they are known as high caste following siyyid among muslims.AHSRAFS(high caste) include:siyyids,mughals, of them know ( Full Answer )

What is this word Abdul?

It is the name given to a Servant of the Gay god. That is why most of them join the terrorist forces.

Were Rohilla Pathans in Guyana and Suriname?

Yes , the descendants of Rohilla Pathans are in the South American countries of Suriname and Guyana. The ancestors of these present day residents of Suriname and Guyana were Urdu speaking Afghan Muslims. They settled in the north Indian area of Uttar Pradesh and subsequently in modern day Pakistan. ( Full Answer )

Who was ganghus Khan?

genghis khan is spelled wrong, and also he was the greatest mongol leader to have reached the goal no other mongol leader had done.

Why is Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan called frontier Gandhi?

Khan abdul ghaffar khan is called 'Frontier Gandhi'. He is called so because Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan belonged to the NorthWest Frontier Province of British India and shared an ideology similar to Mahatma Gandhi.

How did Genghis khan get the name khan?

Khan means great ruler and Genghis khan took over the barbarous tribes and so they called him Genghis khan ( in Mongolian that means Universal Khan).

Is misbah ul haq a pathan?

yes, He is Niazi Pathan like Imran Khan.....Niazis are basically pathan....they speak siraiki n pashto bcz this tribe of pathan migrated to mianwali and settled there.....

Is umar gul pathan?

Yes umar gul pathan... he belong to khyber agency he also from Afridi tribal... and now he live in peshawar nawa kali..

Is Werzai a sub-cast of mughal pathan?

when mughal emperors raped slaves or married other religion girls,their children got a caste 'mugul', 'mughul', "mugal Pathan".however they did not get their father's name but were given a casteto determine their origin. They later joined royal army, when theygrew up and hold ranks in army.

Who is zara Khan?

Zara Khan is Mallik Khan's wife who lost her memory during an car accident in Mumbai. But who is living in sharma nivas as zara mallik khan is not zara mallik khan. I love the serial Hitler didi very much.I am a very big fan. My name is veenet i am from bihar 09460280562

What is the meaning of word pathan?

Pathan means "A member of a Pashto-speaking people of eastern Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, constituting the majority population of Afghanistan"

What is the relationship between pathans and Jews?

There's no provable relationship. The Pathani (Pashtuns) are aMuslim people spread between Pakistan and Afghanistan. There is a theory, supported by certain oral traditions among thePathani themselves, that they (or some of them) are descended fromthe Ten Tribes of the Israelites. This theory is not ( Full Answer )

When was Abdul qadeer khan made his first atomic bomb?

He is a Pakistani nuclear scientist and a metallurgical engineer, colloquially regarded as the founder of HEU based Gas-centrifuge uranium enrichment program for Pakistan's integrated atomic bomb project and the media never tires of glorifying AQ Khan as an eminent nuclear supremo. AQ Khan built the ( Full Answer )

Why do ICC did not select yosuf pathan?

Yusuf Pathan has not been selected by the ICC because he isoverlooked and other players who are better than him are selected.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pandit Aur Pathan - 1977?

The cast of Pandit Aur Pathan - 1977 includes: Agha as Hairan Mukri as Parheshan Nazneen as Radha Helen as Salma Mehmood as Shankar Rajan Haksar as Police Inspector Dheeraj Kumar as Birju Kiran Kumar as Inspector Anand Ram Mohan as Ramzan Tun Tun as Champakali

Who is Abdul Halim?

Abdul Halim is the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (supreme head of state) ofMalaysia since 2011 to present.

What has the author B A Pathan written?

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What has the author Abdul Waheed Khan written?

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What has the author Abdul Aziz Khan Babar written?

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