Is Action Replay better than Gameshark?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Is Action Replay better than Gameshark?
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What is better game shark or action replay?

the action replay is better than the gameshark for several reasons. #1. Action replay is newer, so it will have more games, more cheats, and newer conoles. #2. The gameshark is filled with bugs, if you play with the wrong cheat, it can destroy not only the gameshark itself, but also the disk, and in rare occasions, the entire console can shut down, never to work again. #3. The action replay is small and portable, where the gameshark is large and bulky.(with a few console exeptions)

Where do you enter Game Shark codes on a DS lite?

its called an action replay, there useful. gameshark is different than action replay

Will action reply make your game crash?

It has a small chance of doing so but it is very unlikely, however gameshark, has a better chance of crashing your game than action replay.

How do you enter cheat codes without action replay?

There are no codes without using action replay or using gameshark or something other than some kind of special program. Sorry

Is the dsi action replay better?

No, Action Replay is not more efficient or "better" than any other action replay. It merely has been updated to fit the requirements to be used on a dsi.

Can you get more than 1 Eevee in platinum?

To get more than 1 Eevee on Pokemon platinum you can migrate some from a Pokemon GBA game OR get a Ditto and breed it with your Eevee. The final way is to use an action replay/gameshark to find some more. The codes for an action replay can be found at

Is there any other way to get an enigma berry other than an action replay?

The only way to get the enigma berry without using action replay or gameshark would be using the e-reader and the card on pkmn ruby sappire/fire red or leaf green sory :( :( :(

Is action replay for Nintendo DS better than the Pelican Codebreaker for Nintendo DS?

its awsome == Action Replay for DS is the most popular, and is sold in many more shops. == cha, yeah, by a whooooole lot.

What do you do if you have every thing plugged in on the action replay and when you press on the quick update it says you need to connect your action replay?

than you have not register the Action Replay software in to your computer.

Why does Pokemon action replay says uknown game?

because your Pokemon game is newer than your action replay

Can you equip Sora with two keyblades in his normal form?

Unless you have a game modification system such as an Action Replay or GameShark, this is not possible. Sora must be in a drive form to wield more than one keyblade at once.

Where Do You Get Raquaza In Pokemon Diamond Or Pearl?

Rayquaza isn't available for capture in Diamond or Pearl, but you may be able to get it through the GTS or if you have Emerald, than you can transfer it from your Emerald game.You can also use the action replay or gameshark