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yes, when you be nice to her she'll be nice to you so yea she is a nice person

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Q: Is Allie Dimeco a nice person?
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What is Allie Dimeco justintv?

No Allie DiMeco does not have a justintv account

Is Are Allie DiMeco and Ali brustofski the same person?


What nicknames does Allie DiMeco go by?

Allie DiMeco goes by Rosalina.

What is the birth name of Allie DiMeco?

Allie DiMeco's birth name is Alexandra Jean Theresa DiMeco.

When was Allie DiMeco born?

Allie DiMeco was born on June 12, 1992.

What is Allie DiMeco's birthday?

Allie DiMeco was born on June 12, 1992.

What are the names of Allie Dimeco steep brothers?

Allie DiMeco is the only child

What is the real name of Rosalina in The Naked Brothers Band?

Her name is Allie Dimeco

Allie dimeco pet name?

Allie DiMeco has a dog named Chloe & she is a Shitzu

Does Miley Cyrus like allie dimeco?

Yes, Miley does like Allie DiMeco

What type of dog does allie dimeco have?

Allie DiMeco has a shi-tzu named Chloe.

Does allie dimeco have a boy friend?

Yes allie dimeco is dating Jesse garcia now