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Is Anne Frank huis a war poem?

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Anne-Frank-Huis is Dutch for Anne Frank House, which is the house where the Franks and the other hid. It is now a museum.

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No Huis is house in Dutch! The Anne Frank huis is the house she was hidng in during the war.

Anne Frank was in world war 2

Anne Frank was in World War 2.

Anne Frank was in World War Two.

Annelies Marie Frank, called Anne Frank Otto Frank was the father of Anne Frank - he survived the war, his wife and children did not.

At the time of the war Anne Frank was about 13 or 14.

Anne Frank was alive during World War 2 but, she sadly didn't survive it.

Anne Frank's father was Otto Frank, the only {immediete) member of the Frank family to survive the war.

Anne Frank and her family didn't survive the war. They all died, except for Otto Frank, who eventually died in 1980.

Anne Frank was dead before the British liberated the camp...

i think that Anne frank wanted togo back to her own house

The Anne Frank of diary fame had nothing to do with the American civil war!

Anne Frank was a normal Jewish citizen in the war. Her diary is a showcase of the evils the Nazis commited

Anne Frank was of course not famous during the war, it was only afterwards (and after her death) that she is considered to have helped.

Anne Franks diary was published by her dad, Otto Frank after the war. Otto Frank was the only frank member to survive the war.

Anne Frank wrote about her fellings of war, family, and boys.... She wrote during the war. -- Smart Dart

Anne frank did not survive the holocaust she died from died of typhus in March 1945

== == Otto Frank was the father of Anne Frank - he survived the war, his wife and children did not

Anne Frank wants to become a journalists when the war is over.

AnswerAnne Frank lived in Frankfurt, Germany. She did not support the Germans in the war because Hitler was against Jews and she was a Jew. Anne died of typhus aged 15.

Anne Frank was a Jew living in German occupied Holland during WWII. The ramifications of that should be obvious to everyone. Anne Frank died during the war as a result of disease in a concentration camp.

Anne Frank quickly became identified as an important cultural figure who represented the destruction of youth during the war.

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