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Is Ariados good?

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Ariados is one of many Bug/Poison types in the game, which are in general not very good. Ariados is no exception. He has sup-par stats and four weaknesses (namely Rock, Fire, Psychic, and Flying), all of which are fairly common in online play. His movepool is extremely limited, with virtually no STAB moves with noteable power. If you're looking to creep someone out, that's about all he is good for.

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Is ariados a good Pokemon to learn shadow ball?

sorry to burst your bubble, but ariados can't learn shadow ball.

At what level does spinarak evolve into ariados?

Good, somebody else loves Ariados! Well just catch a Spinarak and level it up to LVL 22, voila! Enjoy your cute little Ariados!

When does ariados evolve?

Ariados doesn't evolve.

When does ariados evolve in FireRed?

Ariados doesn't evolve again

What type of Pokemon is Ariados?

Ariados is a Poison and Bug type pokemon.

Is this a good Pokemon platinum team Ariados Mamoswine Rhyperior Lanturn Jolteon Umbreon?

yes, it's great! except for ariados, replace it with a legendary like azelf, it can learn flmethrower,and thunderbolt!

When will spinark will evolve to ariados?

in the games:when the spinarak's lever is 22,it'll evolve to ariados

Which Pokemon is better ariados or ledian?

Ariados- More special attack and health! Hope this helps!

What do you do if you can not get Azelf?

Then you are just missing one legend?BTW Which one should I do?Ledian in Diamond and Ariados in Pearl?Ariados in Diamond and Ledian in Pearl?or Both Ariados AND Ledian in Platinum?

What Pokemon can learn Bug Bite?

It depends on what generation. There are a lot. >.< Just kidding. Diamond and Pearl, right? So... By leveling up Ariados, Wurmple, Ninjask, Kricketot, Burmy, Wormadam, Mothim, Combee, Skorupi, Drapion, Yanmega By breeding If the father was.... Paras Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Ledyba Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Venonat Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Nincada Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega Surskit Ariados, Ninjask, Yanmega

What level does ariados evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Ariados doesn't evolve. It's the final evolution of Spinarak.

What does ariados evolve in heart hold?

Ariados evolves from spinarak. It is not currently known to evolve into anything else.

Which level does ledian evolve in Pokemon diamond?

it is the evolution of ledyba it will not evolve into ariados ariados is the evolution of spinark

What is the national pokedex number for Ariados?

Ariados is #168 in the national pokedex, and it is a Bug-Poison type Pokemon.

Decide which one Ariados in Diamond and Ledian in Pearl or Ledian in Diamond and Ariados in Pearl or both in Platinum?

Both in Platinum

What level does ariados evolve?

It doesn't

Is ariados salamence mew Groudon Rattata holding focus sash and haunter all on lv100 except Rattata be a good team?

yah that's a good team, but maybe replace ariados with a water type, get a gengar, and i wouldn't do the rattata thing. i give it a 6.5 out of ten. p.s. salamence, and groudon kick butt.

Does spinarak evolve?

Yes, it evolves into Ariados

What is spinarak's evolution in Pokemon Gold?


What Pokemon appear at night in platinum?

ariados and banette

How do you catch ariados?

Route 229 (Night) (DPPt)

What Pokemon is number 168 in platinum?

Ariados, the spider Pokemon

How do you evolve spinarak?

Once it is a level 24, it will evolve into Ariados.

How do you get an ariados?

Me and my brother caught him by the resort area in Pokemon platinum.

Was there a spider Pokemon?

yes, spinarak, ariados, joltik and galvantula.