Is Arizona the real name of Arizona?

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In Arizona
yes Arizona is the real name of Arizona and the nickname is The Grand Canyon State =)
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Where is Arizona?

usa Arizona is located to the right of California and t the left of New Mexico. And it underneath Utah. U.s.a

How did Arizona get its name?

The name Arizona comes from the Papago "ali-shonak" meaning "smallspring." The name became popular following the discovery of richlodes of silver "so pure you could cut it with a knife," some 25miles southwest of present-day Nogales in 1736. The word was ultimately corrupted into "Arizona." The silv ( Full Answer )

What is Arizona?

\nArizona is a state in the south western region of the United States of America

How did Arizona Wildcats get their name?

The Arizona Wildcats got that name because in 1914 the L.A. Times commented that the Arizona football team "showed the fight of wildcats." After that, the name just kind of stuck!

Where did Arizona get its name from?

Arizona formally means Arizuma; Aztec Indian, which in definition is referred to as silver bearing or small spring. Primarily the name was implemented due to a HUGE mine load of silver, 1736; soon to be caved out and resources of silver to be drained from the location (thus draining it of silver ( Full Answer )

Can you give the name of a park in Arizona?

The names of national parks in the state of Arizona include the Grand Canyon , the Petrified Forest , the Saguaro and the Tumacocora . For more information, please visit the National Park Conservation Association's website, at Please visit, f ( Full Answer )

Where did the name Arizona come from?

Some scholars believe the name is simply an abbreviation of the Spanish phrase arida zona, "dry region", although the phrasing is atypical for Spanish. The Basque etymology ( Basque phrase aritz ona, "good oak") is the one preferred by Arizona state historian Marshall Trimble, among oth ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Arizona?

Arizona is great state and there's a lot to do. Arizona is famous for the Grand Canyon, which is a beautiful sight. There's Scottsdale which is a city in Arizona with great hotels, shopping centers and restaurants. There are a lot of foot hills that can be hiked and there are pink jeep tours.

How did the Arizona Diamondbacks get their name?

The Arizona Republic Newspaper held a contest to name the team. The name Diamondbacks was selected as the Western Diamondback is a rattlesnake that is native to Arizona and can injure and kill animals much larger and stronger due to the poisonous venom it injects into the victim when it bites.

How did the Arizona Cardinals get their name?

The Cardinals first started as a Club franchise called the Racine Normals. They where located by Normal Park on Chicago's Racine Avenue. They changed there name when they started wearing dark red hand-me-downs, and changed there name to the Racine Cardinals.

What is the origin of the name Arizona?

From the Indian "Arizonac," meaning " little spring " or " young spring .". It's said that a mining speculator named Charles D. Poston first suggested the name Arizona in a petition to the United States Congress to make Arizona a legal territory.. The name is derived from a combination of two word ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the Arizona flag?

I live in Arizona and the only information that the Flag is named anything other than the Arizona Flag. I cannot find any other information that says different. Good Luck

How did the town of Why Arizona get its name?

Why was located at a "Y" highway intersection and the people wanted to name their town "Y" but Arizona law required three letters in the name of any town or city. They chose to name their town Why instead. Shortly after that the "Y" intersection was changed to a "T" intersection, but they kept the n ( Full Answer )

How Arizona got its name?

The name Arizona comes from Papago. Alishonak meaning small spring. The word was ultimately corrupted into Arizona.

Is there an Arizona?

Yes...i believe its a state and its a tea company and maybe something else :P

How did Douglas Arizona get its name?

Douglas, Arizona got its name from a family by the same name. TheDouglas family constructed copper smelters in Douglas, andextracted the copper ore for smelting in Bisbee, 21 miles away .The ore would be hauled to Douglas for the smelting process

When did Arizona get its name?

Arizona gets its name from all the way back in the "Wild West" in the 1800s. Back then, before copper was extensively mined, silver was the main project for miners everywhere. But Arizona got its name from a major mining project near tombstone. Some say that it was named after a place called "Arisso ( Full Answer )

Where Arizona is?

Arizona is a state in the Southwestern United States. It borders the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as the country of Mexico.

Why was tucson named tucson in Arizona?

When the Spaniards arrived at the Tucson area the native Tohono O'odham called it Chuk-Son. The Spanish imitation of this word has morphed since then to Tucson, but it means basically "spring at the base of a black mountain." The "black mountain" is the Tucson mountains, which contain volcanic rock ( Full Answer )

Where is it in Arizona?

is you wanna know where everything is in arizona that you should go to a libary and find some books =)

How did Arizona got it name?

the name Arizona was from a Spanish name , Arizo nac , from the O'odham name ali sonak in O'odham language. Some possible organs that's been proposed are the Spanish phrase 'aida zona ,shortened to "Arizona" or the basque phrase atit ona.

How did sedona in Arizona get its name?

Sedona is named after Sedona Miller Schnebly (1877-1950), the wife of the city's first postmaster, who was celebrated for her hospitality and industriousness

How did the deem hills in Arizona get their name?

Although I can't be sure this is the reason for the name, Government Land Office (GLO) records indicate that in 1922 Dennis D. Deem homesteaded 160 acres in the south ½ of Section 4 and in 1924 Carl Franklin Deem homesteaded the SW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 4 of Township 4 North, Range 2 Eas ( Full Answer )

What do they do in Arizona?

They do the same things people all over the country and all over the world do. We are people just like you. We eat, sleep, talk, have fun, play games, go to work, and go to dinner with friends.

Can you insure a car that is not in your name in Arizona?

Because once again, you cannot buy insurance on something that you don't own. If a claim occurs the company cannot pay you for damages because it is not your vehicle and you therefore do not have the financial loss. The company cannot pay your Dad because he does not have a legal insurance contract ( Full Answer )

Why was Arizona named Arizona?

Its named a Arizona because the Indians first had the land and named it Arizonac which is little spring. Then we took the land and called it Arizona.

What are the names of the national parks in Arizona?

Acadia National Park Maine 1919 National Park of American Samoa American Samoa 1988 Arches National Park Utah 1971 Badlands National Park South Dakota 1978 Big Bend National Park Texas 1944 Biscayne National Park Florida 1980 Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Colorado 1999 Bry ( Full Answer )

Who named the Arizona Diamondbacks?

The owner, Jerry Colangelo, held a name-the-team contest by taking out a full-page ad in the sports section of the Arizona Republic on February 13, 1995. The winner would receive a pair of lifetime season tickets. Eventually Diamondbacks was chose after the Western diamondback, a rattlesnake nativ ( Full Answer )

How did Arizona get its state name?

Although the word Arizona occurs in central and south America, thestate name most likely came from the O'odham (old term: Papago)indian word for Spring, which is ali-shonak.

How did Williams Arizona get its name?

Williams Arizona is named after William Shirley Williams a furtrader whom was killed by the Ute Indians. There is a town,mountain, and even a river named after Bill Williams, however knowone is certain he was ever in the Williams area.

What were the Arizona Cardinals named after?

The Arizona Cardinals name originates from the a tribal union called Celiphae, which stands for dark red feathers with protruding scaly, sharp, undulated keratin.

What is the county name in Arizona?

Apache County. 11,218 sq mi (29,054 km 2 ). Cochise County. 6,219 sq mi (16,107 km 2 ). Coconino County. 18,661 sq mi (48,332 km 2 ). Gila County. 4,796 sq mi (12,422 km 2 ). Graham County. 4,641 sq mi (12,020 km 2 ). Greenlee County. 1,848 sq mi (4,786 km 2 ). La Paz County. ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Arizona insurers?

The name for the Arizona State insurers is the Arizona Department of Insurance. Also known as the ADI, The Arizona Department of Insurance is the name for Arizona insurers.

What is the name of the Arizona Cardinals' stadium?

The stadium in which the Arizona Cardinals play their home games is called University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium is named by the corporate sponsor the University of Phoenix.

What are the names of the sports teams in Arizona?

The Major League sports teams are: Baseball - Arizona Diamondbacks Basketball - Phoenix Suns Football - Arizona Cardinals Hockey - Arizona Coyotes (formerly Phoenix Coyotes) There are also lots of minor league, college, high school, and amateur teams.