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No they have never dated! Randy is married to Samatha and has been for over a year and they had a baby this past July 2008.

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Is Randy Orton dating Stacy Keibler?

No, Randy Orton is not dating Stacy Keibler. Randy Orton is currently married to Samantha Speno.

Who us Randy Orton dating?

He is married he isn't dating anyone

Is Randy Orton Dating or Married?

married and has a daughter

How long has Randy Orton and his wife been dating?

Randy Orton got engaged to his wife, Samantha Speno in 2005. However, it is not been made public on when he first started dating his wife.

Is Randy Orton and maria Felix still dating?

no he's married

Is Randy Orton dating edge?

What a stupid question. Randy is married with a brand new baby girl and Edge is not dating ayone at this tiem

Is Randy Orton dating anyone?

Randy Orton is married. The wrestler married Samantha Speno on September 21, 2007. The couple welcomed a daughter, Alanna Marie Orton on July 12, 2008.

Who won at summerslam Randy Orton or christian?

randy orton

Who is Randy Orton dating?

He isn't dating anyone, He is married to Samatha and they have a little girl that was born July 2008.

Does Randy Orton have earrings?

no randy orton does not have earrings

What is Randy Orton age?

Randy Orton is 30

Who is stronger Randy Orton or edge?

Randy Orton

Did Randy Orton die?

No, Randy Orton did not die.

What is the religion of Randy Orton?

randy orton is christian

Who will win sheamus or randy orton?

Randy orton

Has Randy Orton retired?

Randy Orton is not retired.

Is christian better or randy orton?

Randy Orton

In wresilmania25 who wll win the WWE champion belt?

randy orton randy orton randy orton at backlash

Who is the best wrestler out of the boogeyman goldust abyss Randy Orton and Kevin Nash?

i am a HUGE fan of wwe and my favorite wrestlers are Jeff hardy and Ashley. in my opinion out of of these wrestlers the best are goldust and randy Orton

Is Randy Orton dating Stacey keibler to make john cena jealouse?

He's not. Orton is married and just had his first child.

Who is Randy Orton dating 2010?

he is married to Samantha speno... i no im dissapointed too

Is Randy Orton dating Trish Stratus?

No he is married to Samantha Speno-Orton and they have a daughter Alanna Marie Orton! And Trish is happily married to her high school sweetheart.

Who is better Randy Orton or chris Jericho?

randy orton

Whos better Randy Orton or edge?

Randy Orton

Melina and Randy Orton?

Melina does not like randy orton