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Astronomy is not linked with witchcraft. Astonomy is not the same thing as Astrology. Astronomy is the science of studying the universe outside our own planet, including stars, other planets, nebulae, black holes and many other phenomena. It is not prohibited by any religion. Astrology, on the other hand, is a form of divination, which some religions are against and others use. Here is a rundown of witchcraft: there was a mushroom that works like LSD that would grow in crops and people would get strange symptoms and they believed that these were caused by witchcraft.

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Q: Is Astronomy witchcraft
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Three. Gryffindor Tower, Ravenclaw Tower and the Astronomy Tower.

Which deals more with astrology Harvard Yale or Preston?

Harvard has several astrologers in its astronomy, witchcraft and sorcery departments.

What did Johannes Kepler do besides astronomy?

He had to travel around a lot looking for work, he had a wife ande several children, and he had to defend his mother in court when she was put on trial for witchcraft.

What are the fields of astronomy?

The different fields in astronomy are planetary science, cosmoligy, solar astronomy stellar astronomy, galactic astronomy, and extragalactic astronomy.

What is white witchcraft?

White witchcraft is more of a healing witchcraft, while black witchcraft is to harm someone else.

What is the proper name for witchcraft?

The proper name for witchcraft is Witchcraft with a capital "W."

Is Herman witchcraft?

no Herman is not witchcraft

What did the colonists believe about witchcraft?

colonists believed that witchcraft was a strange thing. they believed that witchcraft was against the religion that they celebrated and they hung whoever didn't confess to witchcraft.

How many people were hanged for witchcraft?

There were many people that were hung for doing witchcraft. Witchcraft is not a good thing to do.

Does food have to do anything with witchcraft?

Sure, kitchen witchcraft has a lot to do with food.

Is witchcraft against Christianity?

No. Witchcraft is not aganist christianity or God but many christans are against it.

Is there witchcraft in league of legends?

There is witchcraft in league of legends.

What was witchcraft in 1606?

Witchcraft was a form of devil worshipping.

What is Welsh witchcraft?

Do you mean 'What is the Welsh for witchcraft?' That is 'dewiniaeth'.

Do masons practice witchcraft?

Freemasons do not practice witchcraft.

How is it different from astronomy?

This is an incomplete and nonsensical question. Just what do you mean by "IT"? I can only guess. If your question is, "How is astrology different from astronomy?" That's simple, astrology is not a science. First, get a dictionary and look up the word "SCIENCE." Astrology is nothing more then grasping for straws, the practice of witchcraft and magic. Only children believe in magic. Astronomy, (my hobby) is REAL SCIENCE. It's the study and observation of the UNIVERSE whereas REAL and POSITIVE results can be achieved and KNOWLEDGE can be gained.

What is the full proper name of witchcraft?

Witchcraft For witchcraft denotes more of a grouping of beliefs by common practices, and or terminology.

Does the book A Wrinkle in Time have witchcraft in it?

Well, it depends on your point of view. If you call tessering a form of witchcraft, then yes, it does have witchcraft. If you call eating fake dinners a form of witchcraft, then the book does have witchcraft. It's all up to you, and what you believe everything is about.

What is the term for the scientific study of the universe?

astronomyThat is called "astronomy".Astronomy

What are some cool topics to write about?

Vampires, witchcraft, ancient rituals, dreams, fortune telling, supernova, astronomy, religions, the paranormal, lost civilizations of the world, near-death experiences, aliens, the Bermuda Triangle, etc.

What has the author Gerald North written?

Gerald North has written: 'Astronomy in depth' -- subject(s): Astronomy 'Mastering Astronomy' 'Astronomy explained' -- subject(s): Astronomy 'Mastering astronomy'

What are subspecialties that astronomy has?

There are a number of specialty fields within astronomy. Some deal with how one studies astronomy, such as optical astronomy and radio astronomy. Others deal with specific aspects of astronomy. These include, but may not be limited to, planetary science, astrobiology, cosmology, and astrophysics.

When was witchcraft didcovered?

Witchcraft wasn't 'discovered' as you obviously seem to think. Witchcraft has existed since the beginning of human life.

What were Jacobean beliefs about witchcraft?

Jacobean beliefs about witchcraft were based on the Catholic Church's beliefs. They condemned witchcraft as evil and as of the devil.

What are subdivisions of astronomy?

- Astrophysics - Observational astronomy - Radio astronomy - Astrometry - Galactic astronomy - Extragalactic astronomy - Stellar astronomy - Solar Astronomy - Theoretical astronomy - Cosmology - Celestial Mechanics