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Q: Is Austin Texas near an ocean?
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What is the distance from Austin Texas to the Atlantic Ocean?

your moms house

Where can I find pipeline jobs near austin texas?

You can check classified ads in Austin, Texas for pipeline jobs in the area.

Where was Brian Griffin born?

In a puppy mill near Austin Texas.

Is Conroe Texas affected by any ocean currents?

Conroe, Texas is about forty miles from Houston, but it is inland. It is near lakes, but it is not directly near an ocean, so it is doubtful it would be affected by ocean currents.

Where can one find hotels in Austin Texas near the airport?

There are plenty of hotels in Austin, Texas near the airport, including the Quality Inn, Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn and much more situated just miles from the airport.

What is Austin tx near?

Austin, Texas is near cities such as San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. It is also close to other smaller towns and cities within central Texas, providing easy access to a variety of places to visit and explore.

How do you spell Austin Texas in french?

"Austin, Texas" in French is "Austin, Texas."

Is there a lake in Texas?

Lake Somerville, Lake Houston, and there is a large lake near Austin.

Where in Texas did Sweden settled?

located near austin,waco dallas, and ft. worth.

Where can a person find a Subaru dealer in Austin Texas?

A person can find a Subaru dealer in Austin, Texas, at the address 200 Huntland Dr W, near the Austin Huntland Airport. The zip code of this dealer is TX 78752.

What Nevada airport is near Austin Nevada?

Sorry but there is no such thing as Austin, Nevada. There is Reno, Elko, Las Vegas, Spanish Springs, Minden, Gardnerville, Carson City, but not Austin. Austin is in Texas

what is the capital for Texas?

Austin is the capital city of the U.S. state of Texas.