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BC is before AD (Before Christ) (After Death)

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Q: Is BC before or after AD?
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Related questions

What goes first on a timeline BC or AD?

BC comes before AD on a timeline. BC or BCE means before common era, AD means "In the year of Our Lord."BC first AD after

What is first ad or bc?

BC, before Christ came before AD, anno domini

What does BC and AD stand for in Greek?

BC is "before Christ" and AD "anno domini"

Was BC before AD?

BC comes first as in Before Christ, AD is Anno Domini or after Christ

Does AD go before the year or after?

AD is after and BC before

Is AD before BC?

No, it's the other way around: BC then AD

How are BC and AD used?

BC is used to refer to dates before the birth of Jesus and AD to the dates after His birth Answer BC= Before Christ AD= Anno Domini

What do BC and AD stand for?

BC stands for "Before Christ" and AD stands for "After Death." In Latin, AD stands for "anno domino." That means "in the year of our lord."BC stands for Before Christ, before Christ was killed. AD stands for After Death AFTER Christ was killed.Two outdated but still common terms. AD stands for After Death (the death of Christ), BC stands for Before Christ. The 'correct' terms are B.C.E (Before Common Era) and C.E (Common Era)AD - Stands For Ano Domini And Bc Stands For Before Christ!! Thats What I Know!AD=after deasth of christ. BC=before christ

Why BC and AD?

BC : before Christ AD : anno domino

If BC is before Christ and AD is after Christ then?

Yes BC= Before Christ and AD= Anno Domini (Year of our Lord)

How do you go from BC to AD?

BC is the time before jesus christ was born therefore BC is BEFORE CHRIST and AD refers to the time after christ was born

What comes first AD or BC?

I belive that AD comes first then there are BC.

What does AD as in BC mean?

AD or Anno Domini in latin means 'in the year of our lord'. 0 AD is when jesus is supposed to have died. all time before that is now known as BC and all time after is AD. BC (before christ)

What does the the word ad and bc belongs for?

I think it means After Death, AD, and Before Christ, BC.

What is mean AD AND BC?

AD - Anno Domini BC - Before Christ

What is the difference between BC and AD?

BC stands for before Christ and AD stands for after death.

AD and bc timeline?

BC - Before Christ AD - Anno Domini

What does BC or AD mean?

I was taught that BC means Before Christ, and AD means After Death.

What is first bc or ad?

BC is first as Before Christ. AD comes after as Anno Domini

What is the differce between bce ce and ad bc?

Ad means ano domini and bc means before christ bc and ad are both time periods in history bc was before Jesus was born and ad is the time period that we are in now hope I have kind of answered your question

Did AD come before or after BC?

AD followed BC. BC stood for Before Christ, and AD after him (Anno Domini, "year of our lord").Note that this means 1 BC was immediately followed by 1 AD, with no "zero year" between them.

Why use ad and bc for Christ?

ad=after death bc=before christ this is how i remember it

Which is the earliest 2010 BC or 2010 AD?

2010 BC is 4019 years before AD 2010.

What was the period in time between BC and AD called?

There was no period between BC and AD. One followed the other. After 1 BC was the year 1 AD. There was no year zero or anything else between BC and AD. BC is Before Christ. AD is Anno Domini, the time of Our Lord, so basically from when he was born. So there is no time period in between before he was born and when he was born.

What one is first AD or BC?

BC since BC stands for "Before-Christ" AD stands for "After-Death" reffering to Jesus' death.