Is BC before or after AD?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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BC is before AD (Before Christ) (After Death)

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Q: Is BC before or after AD?
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What is first ad or bc?

BC, before Christ came before AD, anno domini

What does AD or BC stand for?

BC comes before AD on a timeline. BC or BCE means before common era, AD means "In the year of Our Lord."BC first AD after

Why BC and AD?

BC : before Christ AD : anno domino

What comes first BC or AD?

bc comes first because bc stands for before christ

Was BC before AD?

BC comes first as in Before Christ, AD is Anno Domini or after Christ

AD and bc timeline?

BC - Before Christ AD - Anno Domini

What is mean AD AND BC?

BC = Before Christ. AD = Anno Domini (latin) the year of Christ's birth.

Why use ad and bc for Christ?

ad=after death bc=before christ this is how i remember it

What does BC and AD stand for in Greek?

BC is "before Christ" and AD "anno domini"

Did AD come before or after BC?

AD followed BC. BC stood for Before Christ, and AD after him (Anno Domini, "year of our lord").Note that this means 1 BC was immediately followed by 1 AD, with no "zero year" between them.

What does the the word ad and bc belongs for?

I think it means After Death, AD, and Before Christ, BC.

How do you go from BC to AD?

BC is the time before jesus christ was born therefore BC is BEFORE CHRIST and AD refers to the time after christ was born