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BC is "before Christ" and AD "anno domini"

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Q: What does BC and AD stand for in Greek?
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What does AD or BC stand for?

BC stands for before Christ. AD would stand for after death of Christ.

In history what do the letters BC stand for?

BC = Before Christ AD = Anno Domini

When was the ancient greek era?

500 bc to 476 ad

What do am pm ad and bc stand for?

anno domini before christ

What does AD and BD stands for date?

its AD and BC, and AD means anno domini (greek) means after the birth of christ and BC stands for before christ,before the birth of jesus. RG

What do bc bce ad and ce stand for?

BCE stands for before common era

What does bc ad stand for in bibical times?

B.C=Before Christ A.D=After Death

What was the oldest civilization between 1500 bc and 400 ad?

it is not the greek civilization group on plato

Was Philip II greek?

There was a Philip of Macedonia 392-336 BC who was Greek as well as a King of Spain 1527-1598 AD.

When does BC ends and AD begins?

BC ends when AD begins: 1 BC comes before 1 AD. There is no year "0". "BC" stands for "Before Christ", and "AD" stands for "Anno Domini", which in Latin means "in the year of the Lord". Scholars prefer to use "BCE" and "CE", which stand for "Before the Common Era" and "Common Era", respectively, to mean the same thing as "BC" and "AD", but do not imply Christian connotation.

What do BC and AD stand for in the time line?

BC means before Christ and AD stands for Anno Domini (year of the lord). BC is before the birth of Christ and AD are the years after the birth. People often use BC as Before the Common era and CE for Common Era (CE). Not all people are christian.

How do you count BC AD?

The last date of BC was 1 BC, then the first date of AD was 1 AD, there was no zero.

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