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You need a chart with BMI for age or the CDC has a similar one. The certainly don't fit the same BMI requirements as adults.

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No it is not really. Yes, it is a 'guide' or suggested weight to height ratio, but it doesn't take into account a numebr of factors.

It doesn't take account fo an individual's amount of fat vs muscle. One can weigh more than the person next to them, but still have a much lower body fat percentage. The person weighing more will have a higher BMI, but in actual fact, be at a better weight than the lighter person who has more fat (as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat).

Also, linked to the fat/muscle ratio, you may be the correct weight for your hright, but have a lot of fat and still look out of shape. A healthy body is a muscular one (not butch, but lean muslce) with a low body fat percentage.

So yes, try get to your ideal BMI, but don't sit back and think you have achieved perfection at that level. You can still work on elminating fat and increasing msucle for a healthier and better looking body.

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Q: Is BMI accurate for kids
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Where can I find a BMI calculator online? is the perfect website to calculate an individuals BMI. It takes into account a variety of factors including height and weight to give an accurate BMI result.

Which measurement of body composition is more accurate bmi measurements or percent body fat measurements from hydrostatic weighing?


What is the avereg wait for a 12 year old?

Normal weight can be found using bmi. But bmi numbers are not accurate all the time.

What are the weight limits for kids?

underweight: below 2nd BMI centilehealthy weight: between the 2nd and 90th BMI centileoverweight: between 91st and to 97th BMI centileobese: at or above 98th BMI centile. This BMI centile

Are BMI index calculators reliable?

Yes BMI index calculators are very reliable. You can find information about them at the following or

How completely accurate are bmi calculators?

BMI calculators are not completely accurate as it does not take account for bone density and weight of other organs in one's body. It is normally used as and estimate gauge to measure one's mass.

Is 155 overweight for a 5' 4 person?

Check your BMI (body mass index) for your BMI, be aware this is sometimes not accurate if you are muscular. Also look for one with weight, height, age, and date of measurements, for the most accurate calculation

What is the average bmi of a 15 years old?

Cant tell you that, but i know i website who does. Go to google and type bmi calculator for kids.

Is the bmi caculator any good?

Because body weight as it is conventionally measured fluctuates during the day and takes nothing else into consideration except mass and gravity, BMI, or otherwise known as body mass index, is a more accurate measure of weight and health. BMI takes into consideration age, height, and mass to create a more accurate portrait of health.

What are limitations of using BMI as a measure of weight and overall health How might muscle tone affect BMI?

Using BMI to measure overall health, without taking muscle tone into account, can give false results. People with lower body fat percentage tend to have a higher BMI without being overweight. BMI is no longer an accurate way of measuring overall health.

Is healthy weight calculator accurate?

The healthy weight calculator is accurate. It calculates your BMI (body mass index) your ideal weight based on your height. It is used for both females and males.

Is 27.55 BMI good?

No, you are overweight. Normal BMI is up to 24.