Is Bargarh in Orissa?

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Yes, Bargarh is in the state Orissa. It is in the western part of the state.
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How many districts does orissa has?

Orissa (pronounced : Odisha) has 30 districts.. = Anugul. = Balangir. = Baleshwar. = Bargarh. = Baudh. = Bhadrak. = Cuttack. = Debagarh. = Dhenkanal. = Gajapati. = Ganjam. = Jagatsinghapur. = Jajapur. = Jharsuguda. = Kalahandi. = Kandhamal (Phulbani). = Kendrapara. = Kendujhar. = ( Full Answer )

What is the telephone area code for Orissa state in India?

There are numerous telephone area codes in the state of Orissa(Odisha). You have to specify the city or town. For example,Bhubaneswar is area code 0674, which is +91 674 in internationalformat. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can en ( Full Answer )

Which model of wagon R is best for orissa?

Any of the wagon R model will be fine, but i suggest you go for LXI Metallic and bargain for accessories. I got Remote Central locking, teflon coating, wheel caps, body cover, sun film free.

What is the date of orissa jee 2009?

MAY 24 for results, follow the below "JEE 2009, Orissa Results" Link For the admit card of Odisha JEE 2014, follow the link given below

When will the application form of orissa jee be issued?

OJEE (Odisha Joint Entrance Examination) examination 2014authorities have made an important announcement in relation to 2014entrance examination that the officials have stated accepting theonline application and last date of submitting the onlineapplication is 15th March, 2014. This year OJEE entran ( Full Answer )

You want to know the upcoming companies in orissa?

We are the dealer of voltas commercial air conditioners entire orissa. So we want to know that what are the upcoming industries in orissa. By your help we can track the industries & collect the enquiries.

List of top engineering colleges in Orissa?


How many district in orissa?

There are 30 districts in Orissa and they are: . Angul . Boudh . Bhadrak . Bolangir . Bargarh . Baleswar . Cuttack . Debagarh . Dhenkanal . Ganjam . Gajapati . Jharsuguda . Jajapur . Jagatsinghpur . Khordha . Kendujhar . Kalahandi . Kandhamal . Koraput . Kendrapara . Malkangir ( Full Answer )

What is the length of the coastline of Orissa?

The state of Orissa has a coastline of 480 km., and one of the most dynamic coastal environments in India due to its location, and physical factors especially its network of barrage, powerful rivers with their delta and estuarine systems, each with a variety of ecological niches and habitats. The co ( Full Answer )

Who was the first and last prime minister of orissa?

Mr. Biswanath Das (1889-1984) became the Prime Minister of Orissa on July 19, 1937. He was elected from the Jagannath Prasad Assembly constituency. GAJAPATI MAHARAJA KRUSHNA CHANDRA DEV ( 1892-1974) He was twice elected as Prime Minister of Orissa.

What are top 10 engineering colleges in Orissa?

Complete detail in 1. Silicon Institute of engineering and technology, BBSR 2. National Institute of science and technology, Berhampur 3. C.V Raman Institute of engineering and technology, BBSR 4. Orissa engineering college, BBSR 5. NM Institute of engineering and technology(N ( Full Answer )

How many univercity in Orissa?

Berhampur University, Berhampur Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Rourkela Fakir Mohan University (FMU), Balasore, Orissa Fakir Mohan University Directorate of Distance & Continuing Education (FMU-DDCE), Balasore, Orissa National Institute of Technology, Rourkela National Law University, ( Full Answer )

What is the ranking of bput of orissa in India?

Bput is the best after all it comes 3 in all India rank after iit and nit. The above answer is absolutely misleading/misguiding because, BPUT in Orissa is the most impractical and student annoying university in whole of India . I would just like to ask the person posted the above words, that ca ( Full Answer )

Top 10 college of engineering in Orissa?

well as per my opinion i think according to the placement the ranking list is. NIT . KIIT . CET . NMIET . UCE . SILICON . OEC . NIST . ITER . CV RAMAN . GITA . NMIET is placed No:1 in giving 100% placement to all its students.

Top 20 engineering colleges in Orissa?

Complete detail in Its admission time.There are lot of students who areeither misguided or have the lack of proper info about engineeringcolleges under BPUT.So here is what i personally think a studentshould keep in mind while taking admission in an engineeringcollege: The para ( Full Answer )

When AIEEE counselling will held in orissa?

Most probably, AIEEE 2011 Counselling will be started from 11th June, 2011 but it is not the final date for counselling. Students who want to know about AIEEE counselling 2011 should regularly check official site to get latest updates related to aieee counselling dates but beside that also find info ( Full Answer )

The best college engineering in Orissa?

Info about engineering colleges under BPUT University.So here is what i personally think a student should keep in mind while taking admission in an engineering college: These are all private colleges excluding deemed and government colleges *The Colleges have been ranked as per the following ( Full Answer )

Best ranking colleges in orissa?

According to the latest survey by the BSU(a state government enterprise),it has provided the present ranking:. 1.SIT.Bhubaneswar.. 2.NIST,Berhampur.. 3.CVRCE,Bhubaneswar.. 4.OEC,Bhubaneswar.. 5.NM Institute of Engineering & Technology,Bhubaneswar.. 6.KEC,Bhubaneswar.. 7.GITA,Bhubaneswar.. 8. ( Full Answer )

Best campus placements in engineering college of orissa?

NMIET reported as the first college under BPUT,orissa to provide 100% placement in its very first year.... specially for computer science dept..placements from reputed MNCs.. like Microsoft(In campus, accenture(in campus)..and many more.... nmiet receored as the best college according to the ca ( Full Answer )

Why is orissa declared as cyclone prone area?

since orissa is at the border of India low pressure is easily created. therefore where high pressure comes in great speed it creates cyclone in the sea and orissa gets hit.

Top engineering colleges in orissa 2009?

I don't know the present scenario but the engineering college ranking was as follow during my college days 1. REC Rourkela 2. UCE Burla 3. CET Bhubaneswar 4. KIIT Bhubaneswar 5. IGIT Sarang 6. ITER Bhubaneswar 7. NIST Barehmpur 8. OEC Bhubaneswar 9. CV Raman Bhubaneswar 10. Silicon Bhubaneswar

What is the difference between Karanam of Orissa and Brahmins?

karanams originated from bramhins.During the dynasty of ChodagangaDev/Anantha Varman the king appointed 24 families of Niyogi Bramhinas Karana to maintain the financial and other records of JagannathTemple.after that they are migrated as karana in odisha

What is Social condition of orissa?

Most poorest state in India but rich in mineral resources. Under Naveen Pat Naik, the state is fast catching up with other states.

Why did the Orissa cyclone occur?

All cyclones occur due to certain weather patterns, which causes them to form in essentially the same way. Cyclones are caused by warm tropical moisture bearing clouds developing in open oceans or seas. Cyclones can only form over warm waters in the tropical regions of the oceans where the sea temp ( Full Answer )

Who is tulasi munda in orissa?

Tulasi Munda is a noted social activist from state of who was awarded in by . Tulsi Munda has do ( Full Answer )

What is near airport in orissa?

The closest major airport to Orissa is Biju Patnaik Airport (BBI / VEBS). This airport is in Bhubaneswar, India and is about 37 miles by road from the center of Orissa.

Is BEd from navabharat Shiksha Parishad Orissa recognised?

i don't know Any Body Help Me With Inform... if u any man inform me i asked all of them With NSP Manager, Dear Sir, this (Madhyamik Passed) Result Granted by Government In West Bengal, And Any Government Jobs Applied Of This Result.. (PSC, SSC, Police, Navy, IB, Army, BSF,RPF,etc) ( Full Answer )

What are the Top 10 plus 2 colleges in orissa?

BJB junior College, Bhubaneswar . Ravenshaw junior college, Cuttack . RD Women's junior College, Bhubaneswar . GM Junior College, Sambalpur . Khallikote junior college Berhempur . Rajdhani Junior college, Bhubaneswar . Basic Science College of OUAT, Bhubaneswar . Maharshi College, Bhubanesw ( Full Answer )

What is the traditional food of orissa?

Rice is the main staple food of the Orissa people. Their meals consist of a main course and dessert. Alu bhajia, alu dum, alu matter and charchari are some of the vegetable delicacies of the state. The pickles are also taken together with the main course. The cuisines of Orissa are spicy and tasty. ( Full Answer )

Name the developed districts of orissa?

Jagatsinghpur is the most developed district of Odisha.87.68% of male literacy & 69.86% of female literacy which is higher than the national level.People of this dist. are more consious.Education,Agriculture & indrustiliztion is very well in this dist.The heritage & the culture of this coastal disrt ( Full Answer )

Where is Orissa?

Orissa is in the Eastern Part of India, Surrounded by Andhra Pradesh, Chattishgarh, West Bengal and Bay of Bengal.

When will 3G services be launched in orissa?

Reliance has a license for Orissa. Besides Orissa it has the licenses for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, MP/Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Bihar/Jharkhand, Assam, North-East and J&K. In metropolitan circles it has already launched it's operations. It should soon launch it ( Full Answer )

Who is the chief of orissa?

Mr. Naveen Patnaik of Biju Janata Dal party is the Chief Minister of Orissa. .

Who is best flute player in orissa?

I think its Sameer Rao. He is one of the disciple of Hariprasad chaurasia. Hariprasadji's one of gurukul is in bhubaneswar which is currently handled by Sameer Rao.

What is the capital of the state Orissa?

Bhubaneswar is the capital of theIndian state of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa). Patna was thecapital of the province Bihar and Orissa in British India.

Who was the first astronomer of orissa?

The first astronomer of Orissa was Samanta Chandrasekhar Singh Mohapatra. He lived in Khandapada town in Nayagada district. He was very intelligent from his childhood. At the age of 10 he learnt astronomy from his father. He used only a bamboo stick to get the data of the stars & planets etc. He als ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate percent from cgpa in bput orissa?

According to the meeting held by BPUT recently in december 2011 it was decided that the Formula to convert CGPA to percentage is Equivalent percentage = (CGPA - 0.50 ) X 10 you can calculate your SGPA, CGPA and your percentage automatically at

What is the technology used in Orissa?

The Indian state formerly known as Orissa, Odisha is known for its usage and education of information technology. Currently, the area uses technology that much of the civilized world uses, like the internet and information technology.

What actors and actresses appeared in Orissa - 2013?

The cast of Orissa - 2013 includes: Sadiq Manraj Nigel Akkara as Kamadeva Pradhan Kanika as Chandrabhaga Swasika as Dakshayani Sudheesh as Neelamadhavan Sanjeev Chakraborty as Devdeva Pradhan Tanushree Ghosh as Meerabhai Unni Mukundan as Christudas Sanika Nambiar as Suneyi