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Is Barney a real person?

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The person wearing the Barney suit is a real person. Barney himself is a fictional character.

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What happens when you kill Barney?

You cannot kill Barney, as he is a fictional character. However, if Barney were a real person, you would go to prison if you were to kill him.

What is the real name of Barney?

"Barney the Dinosaur " .

Is barney fake?

Barney is technically not fake, because a person used to play Barney, but he is just a main character in a show. Barney may be based on a real animal[not sure which]. Barney seems to just be a person with a weird voice, dressed in a giant costume. No actual talking animals could ever not fake. Hope that answers your question.

What was Barney the dinosaurs real name?

I do not know his real name. But someone called him barney on accident and that is how it started.

Is barney real?

Barney is not truly real it's just a man in a costume. Some celebrity's were in Barney like Selena Gomez, Demi Lavoto, and Debby Ryan if you were not sure what that guys talking about but barney is real! I know this because hes my boyfriend!

Was Barney always purple?

Yes, the real question is : Is barney really purple?

Who is the real Barney?

Ethan tupula

Is Barney and friends real?


Is Barney a gay in real life?

Barney is not real. Therefore, he has no sexual orientation.The man's sexual orientation, who plays Barney, is unknown. It is a private matter either way, so don't be so concerned.

Who is Barney Northrup in The Westing Game?

We know from the start that Barney Northrup is not a real person, but we don't find out who's impersonating him until nearly the end of the book. What we do know about him is he's a fast-talking real estate dude with a funky mustache and great lying ability. ____ Barney Northrup is one of Sam Westing's alternate identities: Sam Westing, Sandy McSouthers, Barney Northrup, and Julian Eastman.

Barney dinosaur but real picture of him?


What did Barney clark receive?

barney clarke was the first person to receive an artificial heart

What is the character Micheal from barney and friends real name?

Brian Eppes plays Michael on Barney and Friends.

Who is Barney in the person?

isaac longy

Did Barney curse on live tv?

No, barney is never live. It is recorded so this could never happen. Also the person in the barney suit is not the voice of barney. Barney also never had drugs in his tail.

What is Lucy from Barney the Dinosaur real name?


Did Barney curse to a kid?

i think so. the old person who was barney got fired he said f!@*

Is barney dead?

The character Barney is not dead. As for the person who plays Barney, who knows? Barney was actually played by two people. Carey Stinson was in the suit but the voice was by Dean Wendt. Both of them are still alive.

What is the goon's real name 'from wwf?

Barney Irwin

Did Barney kill the kids that were on the show?

Unfortunately, Barney was not a real Tyranosaurus rex, so none of the children on the show were eaten.

Did the person who played Barney the dinosaur get fired?


How does the person in Barney look like?

Well he is a man!

Which person that played Barney was arrested?

i think Elmo

Who was the third person who played Barney?

Carey Stinson

Who did Selena Gomez play on Barney?

idk if its real or what but she played on barney check it out on youtube she was only a little girl oh and demi lovato

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