Is Bastet a lioness or a Cat?

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Bastet is a cat! Shekmet is a lioness who used to be ra's warrior but she was too violent and ra had bastet replace her

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Q: Is Bastet a lioness or a Cat?
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What was Bastet the god of in Egypt?

Bastet was the goddess of protection. She was portrayed as a lioness or as a woman with the head of a cat.

Is Bastet all cat or just half cat?

The goddess Bastet was usually represented as a woman with the head of a domesticated cat. However, up until 1000 BC she was portrayed as a lioness. Bastet was the daughter of Ra, the sun god. When Re destroyed his enemy, he was usually depicted as a cat. As portrayed as a cat, she was connected with the moon (her son was the god of the moon). When shown as a lioness, she is associated with sunlight.

What was the name of the Egypt cat goddess?

The Egyptian cat goddess was called Bastet. She was a lioness goddess of the sun in Ancient Egyptian history but was later changed to a cat goddess.

Why did bastet have a head of a cat?

Bastet was a cat!

What was bastet's purpose?

Bast was a lioness warrior goddess of the sunin ancient Egyptian history, later being changed into the cat goddess Bastet, and later Greeks hanged her into a goddess of the moon.

What god did cats represent?

A Cat was a Guardian of the Other-world and a Protector. They are Affiliated with the Goddess Bast or Bastet who was idolised as a lioness in most cases

What did the Bastet do?

nothing Bastet is a cat goddess

'Eye' of Re in Egyptian mythology?

Re or Ra? I will answer Ra because I know that: Either Bastet(cat goddess) or sekhmet(lioness goddess). Hope I help!

What was Bastet the ancient Egyptian goddest family like?

Bastet was a cat goddess. She had the face of a cat, too.

What was the name for the first Egyptian cat goddess?

Bastet was originally a fierce lioness warrior goddess of the sun worshiped throughout most of ancient Egyptian history, but later she was changed into the cat goddess that is familiar today, becoming Bastet. She then was depicted as the daughter of Ra and Isis, and the consort of Ptah, with whom she had a son Maahes.

In Egyptian mythology how was the God Bastet depicted?

Bastet is the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, and has the face of a cat as well.

What is the name cat goddess?

The Cat Goddess from is Bastet.

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