Is Belize Spanish?

Officially Belize is considered to be an English speaking country. However, as the Latino population in Belize continues to grow, a lot of Spanish along with Creole can be heard throughout the country. In all honesty, Belize is a huge melting pot of many races. therefore one would hear many languages spoken in Belize. All groups speak Creole (Similar to Jamaicans) to communicate with each other. In certain Parts of Belize you need to know at-least some Spanish because that is the mother tongue of a lot of people. Despite all of this, Belize remains the only English speaking country in Central America, not the Caribbean. Places such as Belize City would have more in common with the islands of the Caribbean. But as you move north, west, and even south, these parts of Belize have more in common with the rest of Latin America. You get two cultures in 1 country!