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Is Beyonce a man?


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No, Beyonce is a woman.

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No Beyonce is not a man. She clearly has women features. She was never a man or ever will be.

No Beyonce is not a man

man ,people dont know beyonce`s band name but it is destiny`s child

It is her choreographer which is a guy.

a Woman She sings, dances and acts

Beyonce loves a man like Jay-z because she loves him because she loves him for who he is.

Single Ladies from Beyonce Knolls

yes there is a man in the song single ladies my beyonce Knowles on the left

Well Keri Hilson is a very attractive women but on the other hand Beyonce is gorgeous.She got it all and you can't top that,Beyonce got the looks the body the smile and the man&the voice.

yes she iz man her sister solange has a baby boy

Beyonce got married to Jay-Z because she found the man of her dreams and she said, "This is who I wanna be with for the rest of my life".

You r soooo nice!!!!!!!! Who wrote this crap man^^^. This is unexceptable .

Nope... but it kinda looks like one.

beyonce is. beyonce: 27 solange:24

Yeah. the lady on the right (beyonce's right) in the video "Single Ladies" is her choreographer(A man).

No Beyonce is not single. Beyonce is married to Jay-z.

beyonce was in cater to you her sister was not

Let me just put it this way: I recognize both of the names, but I know what Spider-Man looks like.If I saw Spider-Man on TV, I'd say "hey, that's Spider-Man, or at least someone wearing a Spider-Man costume".If I saw Beyonce on TV, I'd say "hmm, some (alleged) singer."

beyonce-sexy@hotmail.co.uk beyonce-knowles@live.co.uk

The man in Beyonce's new video "Halo" is Michael Ealy. He played in Barbershop, Barbershop II, Seven Pounds, etc.

No beyonce is not pregnant

no beyonce does not have vitiligo

No, Beyonce is Christian.

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